Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Sniper Rifle Ideas

Ok guys... so our dumb ass assassin has his ONE big bullet and he's loaded and ready to pop him in the DOME.
Idea 1:
Window or blinds fall apart and (as josh has drawn it atm) a plank of wood slides down and knocks the gun and throws him miles out off the target.

Idea 2:
Our sniper repositions and accidently sits on a tv remote that puts on some HEAVY metal tv or something REALLY loud! which makes him go HOLY Cr*p.

Idea 3:
Same as above but his elbow knocks a switch for a vibrating bed and starts going up and down and UhuhuhuHhHuHhHuHuH. Etc.

Idea 4 (the iffy one)
There's some sexy time going on next door and you hear it all and the thumps get louder and louder... he pulls the pistol and points it at the wall guessing where they are but doesn't fire... The whole wall is shaking and the sniper rifle is lined up still and the book case is starting to come away from the wall. Books jumping out as the thumps get harder. Couple of books fall and hit the rifle making it go off and the bullet wasted.

Idea 5 (scraping the bottom of the toilet now)
A newspaper in the street floats across the scopes sight as he's taking the shot making him track that as he's following the target and about to fire. He see's the face of the victim (who is ON the paper) and pulls the trigger - lands the bullet square through the forehead of the newspaper victim but missing the real target.

Idea 6:
Ok ... just going to put this out there - Something RANDOM happens. A bath with a guy scrubbing himself falls through the ceiling as he's taking the shot. Not the strongest thought but hey I'd put it in anyway.

Idea 7:
Bird lands on it... bit boring though.

Let me know what you think or if any of them have potential.
Cheers lads.


Yo guys got some panels done today head over to my blog to check out the full story.
...hmmm I had a link for ya but it seems to be broke. Oh well you'll have to take the long way.

Progress Update

I've been sketching out come concepts today, one for the fat slob geezer (hitman's target). I've also done a few motor bike ideas for the pizza boy. I was trying to consider how the bike would move, such as squash and bend deformers on the bikes suspension and exhaust. I'll hopefully have them posted later.

Sniper sequence idea

Just been thinking on different ideas on what we could use for the sniper rifle sequence. One of the ideas I had in mind would be that of the squirrel interrupting the hitman as he took aim on his target. As we thought about using the squirrel for the claymore scene I thought we could also use him to firstly make his appearance in the sniping scene. One of the reason I thought this would work is because the squirrel would cause the hitman to stress out after the squirrel had accidently triggering the claymore mine, thus resulting in the hitman making a more forceful approach to the targets door. Back to the sniping scene we could have it that as the hitman takes aim on his target, well have a camera shot of the hitman taking aim when out of nowhere a nut comes flying and hitting the hitman on the head resulting in him wasting his only shot. We could have a little mini controversy between the hitman and the squirrel which could end with the squirrel interrupting another assassination event but in return the squirrel loses his life

let me know what you think

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Comic Timing

Hey dude's here's a classic 'Road Runner' cartoon. I thought it would help with the comic timing. It's pretty funny (don't know what the singing in the beginning is about though).

Gamer Expo London.

Hey guys,

I know most of you are probably interested, just incase you can't find the link. Here ya go...
I booked Friday the 30th Oct London.

Environments ideas

just been looking at different styles for possible environment structure. I roughed up an outside shot of a possible style we could go for, but its definitely not final though. Ill bring it in on thursday and you guys can tell me what you think :)


Word to yo mothers.

Word. Registered. Sorted.

My own blogs up too, should have some panels done for y'all tomorrow.


Titles Idea Generation

So far we have settled on 'Wacked'

Needs to be one word as its not a two word film piece.

Ideas we have had before:

Motel Mo-down
Motel Takedown
Knock Knock
Knocking on deaths door.
Avenue Knock Off.
4th Avenue
Scouted out
Closing In
Dead Meat
Dead Line
Bang Bang Supprise
20 ft Away (Distance)


good day to you sir! x

Welcome Guys

Got some good ideas sorted today. Just cracking on with the concepts and rough storyboarding for the next week or so. Just to get a clear visual style selected for modeling to start in the coming weeks.

Cheers guys. x

Good afternoon group

Hey guys just a quick note to say hi to you all and welcome to the blog!
Dan and Sam. x