Saturday, 31 October 2009

Motel Room Concept

Spent the day creating this concept for the motel room. Only one half of it at the moment, still need to concept the other. Fairly loose for the time being as the layout will probably change as time goes on.

animatic update

hey guys just so you know Ive managed to put the animatic up on my blog for viewing. Its in 2 parts so have a gander when you can :D

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Latest test

this is the latest test, the thing with this one is that i have bumped down the resolution of the liquid by .5. I originally had it at 2 but for some reason realflow woulnt allow me to simulate over frame 56 and thats less then 2 seconds. The resolution is now 1.5 but i could bovioulsy play around with more of the settings. I shope be hopefuly getting another 6 gig ram so ill be alble to simulate out more realistic type water if thats what we are going for. But could you guys let me know how this one compares to the one i did previously :)

building blocks

Environment designs arn't really my scene but I thought I'd contribute. We needed some interior designs so here's a loose look at what the Hitmans room could look like.

For Ferhan

Just for your reference - looking at the size of holes and stuff lol. Exit bigger than the entrance... not to this scale coz we don't want it proper realistic but you get the idea.

More Reference:

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Lastest test

here is my lastest test, this one i have added the water in. Ive left the setting resolution for the water quite low as it would of taken ages to simulate out.

Well Done Guys!

Like Dan said earlier, team is working really well and everyone has produced some really good stuff. Hopefully we can learn from each others strengths and make a really good film. Keep it up guys.

Basic beer can test 1 & 2

Here is the first attempt of the bullet going through the beer can, i dont know why but i kind of find this one a bit cheesy.

here is the second which i prefer over the first, let me know what you guys think

animatic update...

Just a quick update with the animatic, I'm almost there with a first draft...Yay! so you can expect to see something on here by the end of the day.

Peace x \m/

Research - On going

Just thinking of colours and textures. Good quality ones! haha. Anyway just a teaser - theres plenty more on my blog!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Team So Far

I Know Sam wanted to post something like this and he probably would be better at this than me but I thought I'd give it ago...
Sam and I were chatting the other day just discussing how we were all doing as a team in general. Just thought we should congratulate everyone on getting on so well with one another and pulling together for this film. Its been over a month and a bit now and we are still going strong. So far we've come up with an awesome storyboard thanks to Josh (and it is pretty awesome mate) and some great concepts all round from all you guys. The only thing I want to say is just to keep it up guys!! There isn't anyone that isn't doing whats needed of them as we all want this to be a kick ass film.

Well done guys. To be honest when the teams first went out I wasn't sure about the film but its grown so much and it is really awesome and I actually go to bed thinking about it and waking up thinking ... I WANT to work on this film and I REALLY can't wait to get into production. So yeah, at this point I don't think I'd rather be in any other team. I see a lot of the teams argue about story etc whereas we discuss matters - I think we are gelling f**king well guys so keep on trucking!

Ok sorry, enough of my rant. Well done guys and keep it up. Sorry if I missed anything.... Sam please add to it if you want lol


Just a reminder to you all - I know you don't need it though - Mike Smith will be collecting our work up on a group cd/dvd (not sure which) on the 23rd November. Attempt to show a variety of different styles of concept work so its not boring to look at. Am thinking of creating something such as an interactive PDF which he'll be able to view for my work and CLICK through. If you guys want to see how to do this I'll be happy to show you rather than bog standard images in a folder.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Object Concepts

A few various object concepts for the motel room and other locations. Keeping the style simple and the colour palette limited to white, red and browns.

Assasin Variants

Forgot the clocks went back so I've been up for some time now o.O On the plus side I finished off some colouring much earlier than I origionally planned.

Character sheet for ideas I had for assasins if we wern't using the ninja.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

quick concept

After working on the animatic all day my lappy heated up well quick for some reason so i called it a day with that (its looking pretty good guys altho still need to do a fair bit) so i drew up some character concepts for myself. Its going in my pre-production folder to bulk that up a bit, I didnt intend for it to affect the hitman we already have but just for myself. If you like parts then maybe we can use them. Check my personal blog for more

My first test

Here is my first test, i managed to get the shatter and the emitter to work together to produce the explode effect. Tell me what you think

Reaflow dynamics for beer can scene

just been thinking more about what Dan said about using realflow for the beer coming out the beer can after it being shot. Theres several ways it can be done so ive gone ahead and started doing test to see which one works out best. Below ill post down an example of an egg been shot all done in realflow, looks really awesome

and heres a bullet hitting a glass

TV Concept

Some more things to chew over. Think I prefer the middle one as the one on the left is a bit naff and the one on the right looks like its part of a guitar lol

Motel text maya concept

Quick style lettering done in maya as a concept

cheeky update

Storyboard is done. I'll print it off for the board tomorrow along with a character sheet to replace the crappy one I put up before.
With that out of the way I shall try and get a few more character concepts done for the formative over the weekend. Should hopefully keep Mike happy. Bah! I need to buy a new sketchpad first. Stupid storyboarding and re-storyboarding taking up the whole thing >.<
I think I've earned a fresh cup of tea.

Formative Assessment

Next week is our formative assessment so lets get all the work up on the board we've done to show it off. ALL THE WORK.... this is really just a message for me and Stu coz we havn't that much up there atm - his car and my concepts. We'll get cracking though and get those printers going! Keep up the good work guys! We're well on target!

Oh and I believe we are in at 12.30 for the assessment. Even though I'll probably be in all day.

Notes Concept

Just a few more ideas about what note books and stuff could be lying around in the motel room - he knows something so lets put in some evidence of that.

Suitcase Concept

Not that I can imagine the Hitman having a wheely Suitcase but maybe the target could have it in his room considering he's a politician and he might want to wheel his heavy notes around... etc etc. Just a few ideas anyway.

Not in today

Kierons Lesson got cancelled obviously (cheers for text Sam) so I'm going to do some work form home today. I don't have too many off so figured why the hell not. But I'm going to try and get loads done... see how it goes lol

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Quick model

Here is a quick model i did based on one of Dans concepts

More concepts

Should be able to add colour 2mz

Lampshade Concepts

Just lamp shades at the moment - figured I'd do them in a similar style but just try a few versions.

Apartment Concepts

Apartment - Sam was saying it was too funky like the motel - too attractive possibly considering its run down and needs to look slightly un-inviting. Needs to have one quality which is literally the vantage point over the Motel. let me know what you think.

Motel Concept ... Again.

Did this one last night after I got home after the gig...which was AWESOME! lol anyway yeh...i prefer the first but thought I'd show another. Trying to solve the problem of the final shot - he walks outside and see's loads of ninjas (need to be on ground floor?)

squeeky clean

Quick update for you hard working shmucks. Been nicely cleaning up those rough panels I handed you so's we have something to replace them with for the final animatic and my juicy pre-production folder :P
Origionally I was gonna just add some tone to it once I'd finished inking them but I think they are pretty clear as they are, just black and white. What do you guys think? If you think it still needs that extra something I'll still do it but if you'd rather it be finito sooner then I can leave em as black and white.
P.S. I've done more than just 4 panels, this is a taster.


So far, Sam, Stu and I have been working hard on concepts and the animatic... we'll be posting up our work soon. Was productive here as not too many people came in. Mainly due to only two teams came in to Rave + Tom. :p
Hope you guys have got some good shit done. And see y'all 2mr.. .Don't forget to bring in a film for Kierons stuff to Analyse.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Sad Sack

New concept for the target, I think he looks more run down and...well just look at the poor bugger.

Motel Concept 101

I figured I'd give the 'Incredible'/Sam style look. Sam was quite avid on having the swirly walls and push the concept work with the character and feel to give it a reason to be animation. I'm happy with doing this style so I gave one ago as well. I didn't mean to rip off off the shape of the building but more so I was attempting to do it in a style which would look visually appealing more than my normal ... yes...well... hopefully I'll keep up this style and create a few more bits and bobs and motel designs. Going to a gig in a bit so this is it from me for tonight. Ciao Ciao for now.

Monday, 19 October 2009

poster design

Here's my poster design. I wanted to go for the What's This? look. It doesnt say what the film is called and thats done on purpose

1st texture

Its taken a while to get there but heres the first glimps at a texture. Its not quite finished yet as you can see from the grey parts. Just thought I'd add a cheeky stripe in there too. I've already learnt one or two things from doing this UV map

Objects we need to model

Please add to this guys if you can think of anything else.

Key elements we will be needing to model (what we need for our scene to work as a story)
Targets Room:
Lamp next to target
Chair/sofa he is sitting on.
TV hes watching
Plotted plant
Beer Can/Can of drink/ empty can
Grate in the ceiling for ninja's entrance.
Door and door number
Motel window frame... potted plant.

Assassins Room:
Table to place items
Wooden boards boarding up window
PDA - slide or flip?
Sniper Rifle - pieces that fit together
Simple chair

Other parts of the scene thats not essential but would be sweet to have in there:
Car going past/parked cars
Bike going past for 'opening' shot.
Tree's in the background
Petrol Station next door.
People walking past on the street (show its not totally dead out there)
Birds + telephone poles
The street details

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Whack'd Font

Hey guys,

If any of you want to download this font for home use, then here's the link.
The names just a coincidence.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Dead! simple

Design for the opposing assasins that our unlikely hero has to deal with. It's so bare bones but that's what I think we need since there are gonna be multiple amounts of this same guy.
EDIT: changed the colours and re-loaded it here.

Second movie poster

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Movie Poster!

Hey guys. I was creating a movie poster for The Pirates project, which took ages but check it out! Anyways, I was having so much fun doing the poster that I decided to do one for Whack'd. This was really quick. LITERALLY ten mins, no exaggeration!

Environment Concepts.

Put some environment concepts up on my blog if you wanna check em out and tell me what you think. Some nice storyboarding by josh below too.

Cheers guys.

Enter the cleaner

1 : Hitman crashes through the door, low angle (suggests heroism)
2 : Overshoulder shot of the hitman hurling a throwing knife toward the target
3/4 : Close up of the knife travelling with force toward the targets eye/ However it sails right past (trick of perspective)
On this second page the 1st and 2nd panels need to change places
5/6 : Wide shot of the room to establish where the next part of the scene takes place the target stumbles/ and falls on his arse
7/8 : Low shot down at the targets level/ Hitman enters from the left but the targets eyeline shows us his approach even before he appears.
9 : POV from the hitman looking down as the target crawls backwards
10/11 : Target backs up and bumps into something/ A hand falls over his shoulder surprising him.
12 : Camera zooms out quickly revealing a pile of bodies behind the target. (We should show a dead dude half in through a window and a removed ceiling panel as well to show where they have come in from)
13/14 : Reverse the angle so there is just a suggestion of the pile of bodies in the foreground, the target dashes over to his would-be bodyguard/ and latches onto his leg
15 : Camera circles above and the hitmans PDA goes off in his pocket and he reaches for it as he tries to pry the target off his leg
16 : X-treme close up of the PDA reading something along the lines of "mission success"
Gaaaawd that took forever to upload. Ok so one thing I just noticed is I need to show the hitman firing way more shots to justify the pile of bodies in the guys room. Easy fix.
Aside from that comment on them and mention anything you think needs to change so I can have it ready for friday. Presuming that the intro is staying how I origionally boarded it then I need to sketch only a few more panels of filler and it will be done this weekend and ready for me to photoshop it and add tone so we have a nice board to use for our animatic. With the groups approval of course.

Taking aim

Ok so I just remembered some of us may be in at different times tomorrow cause of Kierons dealio so I'm posting up the stuff here and gonna give it a quick run down. Buckle up.
(read downwards, a lot of the panels are double or even triple panels so there may be 2-3 descriptions of the goings on per panel)
1/2/3? : Target sitting in his chair watching the TV with the sound cranked up/ A bullet zips through the chair/ He looks round thinking he heard a little something but see's no disturbance
4 : Hitman looking agitated, taking cover to one side of the window and peeking out.
5 : He spins round and fires off a few more rounds.
6/7/8 : Back inside the target takes a swig of beer/ A bullet flies through and shocks the guy/ Beer pours out of either side of the can.
9 : The target leans forward spewing the beer that was in his mouth.
10/11 : Nabbed from that bit in Incredibles when he looks out of the window, the focus changes from foreground to out the window revealing a shadowy figure in the window across the street.
12 : Target ducks behind the far arm of the chair. (this shots gonna have to be tight so we don't reveal the room too soon)
13/14 : Target crawls over to the window/ Shimmy's up the wall and...
15 : Closes the curtains (seen through scope)
16 : Cut too the hitman visibly frustrated that he can't get a bead
17 : Hitman exits left and discards his rifle.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

its been a long time coming but here's the car

First look at the nearly finished car. Still need to add a number plate and the interior but its almost there. I think the model is good, few pointers though. there's alot of faces! hehe so well have to see how it goes with that but other than that im happy with it. I've never modelled a car before and its not bad for my 1st attempt. Gonna do some colour sheets of different styles and after that, model another car to compare them both as they will obviously be modelled differently

Spittin non-fiction

Just to let y'all know I boarded out the entire last scene in the apartment today which read as the longest part in the screenplay and the most action packed bit so I thought I'd tackle that first.

It's only in pen as you asked so I think it better I run you all through it on Thursday when I bring them in with me since some of them are double panels where I've drawn over the same panel to show a character in a different position or something. However it's not as clear since I havn't used photoshop to seperate them out yet. Holding off on that till I get the go ahead from y'all. (only gonna ink it and add some greys mind, no colour fear not)

I'll get some more of those badboys done tomorrow probably the whole shooting sequence and mebbe more since those bits arn't as big as the last scene.

If your desperate to see how it's coming along then leave a comment and I'l post them over at my blog tonight or tomorrow morning.


Talking with Daniel Dalli

Once again Dan spoke with us and commented on a few things about our pitch. Glad I came in today to hear him say it. He mentioned how he didn't feel like he was sold to the idea that the target hadn't seen the dead bodies right next to him. For this reason he commented on how we could change it with the light. Perhaps the light is too dark within the room to see properly or our hitman takes out the light or lamp next to the target at the same time as the beer can moment.
This means our camera angles will be working with the light coming from the television as well as the window that he is getting shot at through.
The final scene means that we will have to work with the light again - as he bursts in the door he will first of all have a silhouette almost and then a couple of shots from his gun/throwing knife with the character standing there shaking. *thud from behind the target as a body falls* and you zoom back to see the pile of bodies behind him.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Whack'd Screenplay



[Possible Extended Opening?]
Camera tracks a pizza boy on a moped driving passed. Camera slows and tilts up to show a figure peering through a window in an old abandoned apartment block.


A contracted killer is peering through the broken blinds, turns, opens his suitcase and begins to assemble his rifle.
He positions himself at the window and begins to look through the scope to focus on the various windows of a Motel across the road.

Finding the correct room, he checks his PDA to confirm the target. He then begins to take aim and zooms in slowly.


A man (target) is inside the room drinking a can of beer and we hear a bullet travel past. Due to the volume of the TV (maybe some action sequence or football game) he doesn't realise anything at this point.


The Hitman, getting slightly agitated and reloading as quick as he can taking aim and firing a couple more rounds off.Again looks through the rifle scope and begins to look more frantic.


The target, still drinking his beer but this time he goes to take a swig and a bullet hits his can causing it to leak all over him.
Realising he's being targeted he ducks down in his seat then jumps to the window. Poking his head round the corner more bullets come through the window causing him to jump back.


The Hitman is really worried at this point, reloading and shooting more often. POV shot, the scope darting around, looking for a shot.


[optional scene]
Cutting back to the target we see him slide down the wall in fear. He peers out the window again to see the Hitman running across the road with a pistol in his hand still shooting through the window.

The Hitman smashes through the door/window only to point a gun at the target and fire a few rounds off (throwing knife?).

The door/window smashing causes the target to fly back and land on his back.
At this point we see his face looking down his body, his hands patting himself down, checking if he’s been hit. Backing away from the Hitman in fear until stopped by something behind him.
Out of frame a hand falls on his shoulder causing him to jump.

Fast camera zoom out. The target realising that there’s a MASSIVE (mountain) pile of bodies (assassins) dressed in black with knives and silenced pistols etc.
He jumps up and grabs the Hitmans arm in fear...shaking LIKE A BABY.

[Beeping] The Hitman looks down and answers his PDA.
Camera close-up, mission success. You've whack'd the final assassin sent to kill him. PROTECT TARGET COMPLETED.

[Before or during end credits]
Another dead assassin falls from the open ceiling panel.


The man who knew too much

With the Hitman now being payed to protect the target I thought about the design for the guy. If he was a slobby drug baron or something we wouldn't really give a monkeys if the Hitman was trying to protect him so I thought maybe he should be a shamed politician or a states witness or something and a government faction or crime family is trying to have him killed. He could still look like a bit of a wasteman with the unshaven face and bow tie undone.

Just an idea, what do y'all think?

leave it below.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

The bodyguard

With a firmer grasp of the story I've started thinking about what the characters will look like in the actual film so here's a design for the Hitman/ Bodyguard. I havn't strayed from the basic idea of what he was gonna look like anyway but it's a more poilished look. I'll probably do some costume variants and get some designs for the other characters done before I start boarding again.

Leave your thoughts.


Friday, 9 October 2009

Project Updated

Having discussed more ideas as a team we decided to change the angle of the story, The Hitman now protecting the target from other assassins was a better twist and a simpler film to make. The audience would be expecting the Hitman to kill the target from the obvious set up, but twisting it near the end would make for a more entertaining ending to the short. With clever editing and camera angles we can allow the audience to think one thing but later change there expectations.

*The characters will now only be the Hitman, Target and Assassins that are attacking. The Assassins will be very similar as character models, so ideally we only have three characters.

ps. Over the weekend I'll try and right up a proper screenplay. Then at least we have a more final idea of the timing and camera angles.


Today we had Gareth Munden in for our 'Business' side of the course. We thought about selling our films and thought about posters we could make and the straplines/tag lines that would work with the film to sell it. We came up with quite a few .and here they are...

Overkill just got a whole new meaning
The ultimate take down
Silent Mowdown
2 men, one rifle, one mission
One Target
One Objective One Outcome.
Your Hired, Your FIRED
Long range just got closer
Hired Gun
Locked and loaded
Motel Mowdown
Are you ready for room service?
Shot back and sides.
Turnover team!?
Sweet Dreams
Motel Nightmares
Breakfast in bed
Forceful entry
The best room service around
Motel Clean up
One nighter
Someone better tip the maid
It should only take one bullet
One shot is all that counts
Spacky aim
Keeping distance
A hired killer…
The ‘Professional’ hitman strikes again.
He is the perfect hitman for the job
Perfect aim? Yeh Right! (depends on how you read it)
Booty call

Our homework from him for next friday is to create some rough drafts of posters of WHAT could sell our film to an audience.

thought about the environment

Was looking up some pictures of buildings last night at uni and had a little thought about the design of the environment. Some of the concepts so far have been quite 'original' in the design so i thought of a bit of an alternative design in crooked houses. I found the image above and i know its a bit extreme but it kinda gets my image across. Its only an idea and suggestion to add some style to the buildings and so theyre not rigid and square. I thought of the design of the car concept that Sammy-boy drew and thought it might fit well with it. Below is another image similar to the design on the car. Ill draw up a few concepts for the building but wondered what you dudes think about it?

Thursday, 8 October 2009

A Doodle!

Hey guys I was just trying out a quick photoshop technique. I thought I would try and blend the way I draw with the artwork from 'The Incredibles". I just had the 'Wack'd' characters on my mind at the time so I decided to draw them. THIS IS NOT A CONCEPT! I am well aware that it is not my role in the group to provide concept art. so I don't want to tread on anyone's toes. I just was practising on the computer and thought I would draw the hitman.

Hitman - Protector Version

Ok so we were discussing the idea that the hitman is actually trying to save our target rather than take him out. So... I shall attempt to script this roughly for you guys now... bare with me.

Opening Scene (still needs work) discussed possibly a bike riding by and then we focus on the window where you find the hitman peering through. Opening his suitcase and making himself at home in his abandoned apartment building he begins to assemble his rifle. Once the rifle he positions it poking out the window and begins to look through the scope to focus on the different windows across the road.
Finding the correct room he begins to zoom slightly more in on the target and begins to take aim.
Cutting away from the Hitman we now see our fat slob drinking a can of beer and we hear a wizz and a crack go by. Due to the volume of the tv (maybe some action sequence or football game) he doesn't realise anything at this point.
Cut back to the Sniper where we see him getting slightly agitaged and reloading as quick as he can taking aim and firing a couple more rounds off.
The sniper again looks through the eye piece and begins to look more frantic.
Cutting back to the fat slob (the target) still drinking his booze but this time he goes to take a swig and a bullet hits his can causing it to leak out EVERYWHERE all over him (could be difficult to animate).
Realising he's being targeted he ducks down in his seat then jumps to the window.
Poking his head round the corner more bullets come shooting from the hitmans gun.
From the hitmans perspective we see him really worried now and even more frantic in his reloading and shooting more and more often.

---Optional---Cutting back to the target we see him slide down the wall in dispair and fear. He peers out the window again to see our hitman running across the road with a pistol in his hand still shooting through the window 'at him'.

He smashes through the door/window only to point a gun at the target and let a few rounds off --- or throwing knife---
During this time our target scurrys back and lands on his butt (close up shot of face).
At this point we see his face looking down his body and his hands check his body if he has been hit when on his shoulder falls a hand.
Quick transition where he realises that theres a MASSIVE pile of bodies dressed in black with knives and silenced pistols etc. in the motel room just behind where he was sitting and hes now lying on these corpses.
He jumps up and grabs the hitmans arm in fear...LIKE A BABY.
*beep beep* PDA goes off and the hitman looks down and answers his PDA saying mission success. You've whack'd the final assassin sent to kill him.

Finale - body falls down from ceiling --- I don't think this should be in this position as we'll have to cut from a similar shot showing the bodies and then cut back to it after the PDA section... may need to loose the scene but I like it :( ---

*outtakes during full credits*
Body moves in the pile or someone gets cramp
Beer goes all over the guys face when qued to explode due to bullet coz someone shook it up (hitman) or one of the ninjas walks on going 'I SHOOK IT UP... I SHOOK IT'.
Hitman misses the assassin and hit the target with a rubber plastic knife or trips in the door way as he smashes it down.

Just a Thought!

Hey guys, really great ideas today about the film. I like the idea of the hitman being the protector. I feel we could put in more gags and maybe even have it as a big action sequence. Maybe have the target fear the hitman and run away. but little does he know that he keeps running into danger and the hitman keeps saving him. Maybe the guy runs into the kitchen and the hitman flings open the top half of the fridge door to knock out an assain chasing the target.

It's just a thought but maybe the payoff isn't the the discovery of the hitman's objective. maybe that happens halfway through. And you spend the rest of the film showing the riduclous lenghts the hitman will go to save the target!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Story Updated [PLZ READ]

After many days discussing alternate endings and possible character situations I think as a team we have finally settled on an almost finished story. Here's how it stands at the moment.The opening shot we're still not sure on yet.

The location has been changed to a remote area of land just outside of Vegas, so Nevada ish. The set-up consists of two main buildings both opposite each other. One is a building ready for demolition, where the Hitman is waiting. Across the road is a Motel where the target is staying to keep a low profile and avoid the law. Next to the Motel is an old Gas Station, partly to give the area some extra character, but mainly to assist the ending.

As a team we have thought very hard about details within the environment. Such as telephone pylons, trees, city backdrop, etc. Secondary animation has also been considered to give the area some movement and life, but still giving the impression it's remote and a good few miles from the nearest town, city. A tortoise is one of the characters living in the environment, because he contributes to one of the gags later in the short, we're considering having the tortoise slowly walking down the road as the opening shot and hint that he maybe a recurring character.

The Hitman then assembles his weapons and gadgets in the abandoned apartment building. Once the rifle is assembled he looks through the scope to get a better idea of his surroundings. Moves the sights toward a window to a motel room where a fat sleazy man is watching TV. The Hitman glances at his laptop, conforming one last time that the target is this very man and receives a beep indicating a message from HQ (TIME REMAINING).

The target now in his chair eating a pizza. The Hitman at this time has a clear shot at the man through the window of the motel room. Just squeezing the trigger, a van pulls up outside and blocks the window. On the side of the Van in bold letters "ACME Bullet Proof Glass", the Hitman gives a look of disgust. Time has passed and the van hasn't budged. The Hitman now frustrated, has to go to street level to deal with the target. Walking across the road to the motel he draws a landmine from his pocket and lays it on the targets doormat, and arms the device. Another message from HQ (HURRY UP!).

Running like the wind he appears back in the abandoned apartment watching with excitement. Out the corner of his eye he sees a tortoise moving extremely slowly toward the mine. With this about to compromise the entire mission he fires on the tortoise only for the bullet to deflect off its shell. The Hitman even more tense, now deciding to go down there and deal with it. But has he got enough time? Deciding to stay, he watches as the mine is detonated by the tortoise leaving it unharmed but the mine destroyed.

Now Furious he runs toward the Motel, beeping like crazy. Out of pure hate he throws the message gadget into orbit. Only to hit a pizza delivery boy on his moped. The boy swerves into the way of a fuel truck. The truck also diverting course into the path of the petrol station next to the motel.

The Hitman, standing still, so surprised, turns to the camera and looks extremely scared.Cut to shot, a few miles away from the Motel, where a mushroom cloud expands in the distance. A tortoise shell falls in front of camera, then the arms, legs and head pop out and he begins walking off as if nothing happened.

Full of joy and full of wonder...

Go to my blog if you want to know what they are saying. Yeah you know you want to know go on get.



For Stu


just had a look at the start of the incredibles and have noted a few things. At 2.21 until 2.33 theres a shot of a screen during the chase which is the kind of thing we're going for.

At approximately 2.02 theres a scene of the chase down a street and this can give us an idea for the layout of our environment. I like the idea of having lamp posts in the middle of the road to create a barrier from the two sides but whether this is appropriate to our film i dont know but its an idea.

the lighting at 2.49 is also the kind of thing we are going for and its in an open environment with a park across the road obviously in our film the motel and petrol station is on the other side but the lighting throughout the opening is some inspiration where the light is shining through the gaps in the buildings and shading in the streets

Another few notable things are the parked cars on the side. I think that they use the same modells over again but change the colours which kinda looks unrealistic so we need to have a couple of car or bike models on the side. Also the amount of clutter that is on the pavements. The number of lamp posts, cleanliness, dustbins etc etc.

Obviously we dont want to copy this outright but its a bit of reference for us to work from

Site Update

Hey guys, I've made the page size slightly bigger so it doesn't crop the youtube files that are in 16:9. I have also added an inspirations link. Be sure to check it out. We can all add to it as we go guys! Just stick the new ones on the top so that we recognize they are new!! Woop Woop!

Blog Check

If you havn't already, check out this blog and have a look at the animation at the bottom of the page.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


We tossed around a few ideas today for Wack'd. I suggested we do a big chain reaction thing for the climax where the hitman throws his thingy-ma-doodle, hits the pizza boy, the pizza boy goes driving into a telephone pole, the cables bresk loose, swinging in front of a huge gas truck, the truck swerves out of wway but drives into the motel, exploding and destroying the target. Its a pretty big finale (Micheal Bay says "if all else fails...blow stuff up"). I think the team did a great job of coming up with ideas (like the turtoise). I think we sorted out a pretty spectactular ending...probalem is I think we need to make the begining stronger, 'cos the ending is kinda kicking it's butt!

California Love [Gobelins]

Thought this would be helpful and inspiring. Also if you watch it again, notice most of the foreground buildings and environment are block colours. For the background, texture paintings on planes were used. Fairly simple designs to give the impression of a city.


After chatting within the team during lunch and a bit after we started to come together with a final idea for the ending. We have decided that the best idea is to go with the 'fate' idea and that the death of one of the main characters is due to an accident. Something blows up or something is destroyed killing off one of our animated characters.

This will mean that we have to now come up with a way of killing off by means of accident.

We also spoke about changing the squirrel to a tortoise for hilarity reasons and less fur as well as if we want we can shoot bullets at him and he has an impermeable shell!.

Sam and Dan

Monday, 5 October 2009

Thats Right

I totally agree with Lewis. The backstory and flashbacks that were suggested are making the story far too complicated than it needs to be. 2mins is all we have and we can tell a great simple story in that time. With really nice visuals and good animation the characters will come to life themselves. All we need to agree on is a solid ending, write some gags and most of all HAVE FUN WITH IT.

A word of caution!

I don't know whether we are over thinking the story now. We do probably need to make the character a little deeper, but not too deep. after all it is only 2 mins. I don't really think we need to laden the character with personal tragedies. It could make it loose it's charm. Think about it. The coyote doesn't want to get the road runner out of some deep reason (it's not like the roadrunner took his mum to the prom and the never called her back), he just wants to get that damn bird!

Story idea

That little discussion we had at the end of the day, i thought i mite as well write up the story i briefly explained in class

The hitman is part of an on going government assassination group, the difference between the government organisation and other assassination groups is that the crooked government feels no remorse for whom they kill, no matter the age gender or even if they are totally innocent. Anyone whose a threat to the company has to bee taken out.

Story starts off with a new member of the crooked hitman organisation being given his first duty, it details for him to assassinate a target who may have witnessed a crime and may be a threat to the company itself. As the hitman takes aim on his target we take a a view from insides the targets house where he is been confronted by a robber, and the hitman does not know what is going on. As the robber takes off with the victims belongings he takes aim on the man and pulls the trigger. The target opens his eyes to see that the robber has been shot dead and wonders out towards the window to see who was looking out for him. It cuts back to the hitman as he packs up his equipment and grabs a a4 sheet of paper with the information on the target. He has a look at it and then smirks while he tears it in half.

Almost forgot

Just read over Sams post, I think it's got some strong points like the van blocking his shot but I don't think that this whole thing will take up two minutes. I like where your going with the ending being an accident too.

I got a rant and an idea on the protector angle over at my blog for anyone who's interested.

This will "Blow You Away"

The idea I thought up when i got home.

The Hitman, assembling his weapons and gadgets in the abandoned apartment building. Once the rifle is assembled he looks through the scope to get a better idea of his surroundings. Looking at details, cars on the road, people walking past etc.

Moves the sights near the doorway to a motel room where a fat sleazy man is receiving a pizza delivery. The man snatches the pizza from the small boys hands and slams the door in his face. The boy upset and not paid for the pizza starts to cry, walks slowly away, gets on his small moped and leaves. The Hitman glances at his laptop, conforming one last time that the target is this very man.

The target now sitting in his arm chair eating his pizza. The Hitman at this time has a clear shot at the man through the window of the motel room. Just squeezing the trigger, a van pulls up outside and blocks the window. Time has passed and the van hasn't budged. The Hitman now frustrated, has to go to street level to deal with the target.

The target inside is just about to cook (more) food and turns the gas on. The Hitman knocks on the door, surprising the target, forcing him to leaving what hes doing to check who's at the door. He sees him through the spy hole in the door and takes cover behind a chair. The Hitman realising hes not opening up, gets even more angry now, and lights a cigarette to ease his stress.

Pacing up and down outside he decides to give up and call it a day. Flicking the cigarette behind him and walks off toward camera. The cigarette has bounced off a wall and into an open window.
The cigarette causes the entire room to explode. The Hitman, standing still, so surprised, turns to the camera and walks off with a smirk on his face.

* It looks alot in writing but it's a really staight forward plot and a simple idea with small locations.

Ending Ideas

We need a MAJOR turn around to finish the story. Any of the below:

Hitman getting robbed.
Cardboard Cut out.
Someone else whacks him first.
Another assassin in the next room takes out our hitman.
He's a Cop
Protection. Strongest so far. Rewind back to see why he shot...
Whole intro - him setting up rifle. No gags of him getting close. Aiming at guy around tv. Can't get a clean shot. Pizza boy turns out to be an assassin.

Why does he want to take him out?
Have a think.
Political figure -
illegal trafficking
Barber - Short Back and Sides
Kiddy fiddler

Sunday, 4 October 2009


Take a look and we'll have a talk about it 2mr... its only a rough draft but Sam and I kinda agreed on it. I know Stewart said he'd be up for doing maybe he can redraft for the group.