Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Environment complete on my side

Just completed doing the environments, hope it looks good. If there is anything you guys want me to add just let me know while i continue to rig the ninja

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

No Wednesday this week.

Just a quick reminder. Guys we are not going in this Wednesday due to the snow and the fact it will probably be closed anyway. Keeping blogging and we'll sort a Wednesday out soon, maybe the 30th.

Have a great Christmas.

Monday, 21 December 2009

High polys still?

High Poly problems still ?

Decimation Master

Is YOUR Friend


Yo, trying out a new way of modelling the head since I need to get the target and Hitman animation friendly. Problem is I need to use the create polygon tool a fair bit in this process so when I smooth out I get the bits where I've created a poly looking different to the rest of the mesh. You can't see it very well but in the screen shot look at the edge in the highlighted section.
Dan said it's probably something to do with normals but I'm not sure what exactly it would be. Any of you's had this problem? Let me know if you have a quick fix.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Dodging Dodgeball but!

So I mentioned this on Wednesday when we were all in and I told Sam just a moment ago but I figure it's best I get word out myself. So, I can't go to dodgeball tomorrow. I am gonna be at my Dad's all evening because he's going away for Christmas with his wife so I won't see him till around new years.

Gotta go have a meal, exchange gifts etc. Sorry Dan I know people have been dicking you about with this thing but, Family takes priority.

On another note when I was speaking to Sam about fund raising and I think I mentioned it to you already but if we did a fun run or bike ride like Simons idea we could get people to sponsor us for however far it would be. e.g. 10 miles and say that 70% of the proceeds go to a charity or however much after we raise what we need goes to a charity. That way everyone can take a signiture form and get people from all around where they live. People would be more willing to help if a charity is involved I reckon. So if everyone gets around 100 signitures and is sponsored for like 3-5 quid for all 10 miles then it's like 300-500 per person multiplied by 30 odd and it's quite a lot. Even after giving most of it to charity. That's a best case scenario of course 100 signitures may be asking a lot, but I reckon it could potentially raise a fair bit.

I don't know exactly how it would work but if you contact a charity like cancer research or some such you can probably say "I want to organise an event to raise money for your institution (while skimming a bit off the side) blah blah blah" and maybe they have official forms for it or whatever so that you can show people on their doorstep.

Hope that appeases you somewhat. Sorry again.

Merry Christmas one and all.

Little message for the rigger

Ok this is towards Dan and Josh as you guys are also going to take part in rigging. The key element to rigging is to have a proper and functional joint orientation. Having the proper local rotation axis for each joint is crucial when setting up and animating a character. Basicly each joint has a local roation axis that defines how the joint will react to transformation. For most part of a character i found out that the default orientation in fine. By using orientation you will ensure that all local axes of the new joints are aligned with the bones that follow.

Message for Spence

Hey man, when you got some time you could make a start on the matte painted sky background. Seeing as you have been doing alot of cloud painting I thought you could give this a crack whilst you in the mind set. Found this picture of TF2, the sky is very much what I had in mind for the film. Colour and clouds are realistic but not over the top. When you have a crack at it, also consider details like airplane vapour trails.

Sick of me

Heh I bet you are. Ok so firstly thanks to Spence for trying to help me out with the technical problems I've been having. Some of the stuff like retopology I'm definately going to have to wrap my head around but frankly most of it's over my head so it will take a while for me to suss it.

For the sake of this project I don't really have the time to meddle with all of that so above is a screenshot of what the level of detail the final thing is going to be. It clocks in at around 40,000 polys and runs fine on my laptop. This is about as high as I can get it before it's going to slow down.

I just spent like 2 hours exploring alternatives just to come to the solution I came to on Thursday lol. In any case, I think that this is acceptable. I can sneak in a little more detail I think since I can keep it much lower poly now. I suppose it's better to encounter these problems now so that when I do the other models I don't repeat the mistakes.

Well anyway, I'm just typing what I'm thinking now. I won't post up any more ninja's till it's finished and he has eyes!

Friday, 18 December 2009

So far so good

Just being rigging over the past few days now and everything is going all good. I’m not yet finished with the rig as i still need to do joint orientation and inverse kematics, i just did a little test by binding the rig to the ninjas body to see if the movement are up to the standards. I think it’s going good so far but ill post some pic with him doing some little movements. Also on my blog i have the full body rig, not complete though

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Really important!

This came up yesterday when I was talking to Ferhan, but I've been faffing with zBrush this morning and checking some tutorials, and something important has come to my attention.

Good news is I'm starting to get the hang of the interface, the bad news however is to get some proper definition in there that looks smooth and well...good. This is going to be a very high poly model. I'm talking between 170-600 thousand polys. Any lower and the creases I cut in just look a bit messy.

I'm going to play with it a bit more and see if I can find anything online about low poly sculpting or a way to compress it when I send it back into maya. But before I go any further I need to know how far I can go with the polys. Or wether I should pack it in.

Here's a basic cut I put in for peck to shoulder definition to show you guys what I mean. That's the same cut in 10-40 and 170,000 polys. It looks waaay better the more subdiv's involved. 170 is probably as high as I would go.
It will be large but at the same time if I can get some cool definition on the side of the head and the collar bone, mebbe the arms it could look real nice.
I leave it up to the directors to see if it's worth the trade off.
Hit me back once you've had a look over this so we can determine a course of action.

Exterior Master File

Me and Ferhan put our models together yesterday to make sure everything sync'd up. So far so good.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Plan of action

Ok at this stage i have kind of left the Hitman character to one side for now, just wanting to let you know im going to produce a test rig on Joshes ninja model, hopefuly i will get a better understanding of the Rigging tool as i go along. I should have the test done soon so i should hopefuly show the progress. If everything seems to be going good then im gona ask Josh if i can then start to fully rig the ninja character, who knows if josh dosent mind i could help out with the rigs of the other characters

Sligh problem with Hitman character

While working on the Hitman for some time i went and imported it in to Maya to compare it against Joshes character model.Joshes model seems to have more of a clean finnish with a hard solid body, in the other hand with the one from zbrush when imported in to maya its not as solid looking as Joshes model. And also i have tried extruding out the clothes from the Hitman character but it dosent seem to work with the different style topology in zbrush. I was considering if worse comes to worse, Josh if your reading this i might pass on the model of the Hitman to you. Is that ok, If its not let me know seeing how you are already modelling another character. If i do pass on the model to it would only be fair if i rig one of your character in exchange. I dont want to throw all the work on to you. Just let me know, and guys if your reading this let me know aswel

Its all happening

Right guys... duno if you know but I'm doing some building work at my place atm. Meaning I will come in tomorrow... however I might have to run off around 1 or 2ish. I'll be in all morning mind you and be doing a fair bit more work as now my swimming stuff is in... yay. ps... someone please explain why we are doing Pre Production a term early in comparison to what it says above (found on our course hand book on the pen drive)

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Apartment update 2

Just wanted to post up an update of the environments ive been modelling. Im happy to say that the four building blocks are complete (for now), the only thing i gotta do now is like the little touch up such as cables and that. Ill show you guys more 2mz

Wear a mask tmoz ... Because...

I've seem to have come down with something quite bad at the moment( i was meant to be in uni today for SPLAY but i felt too ragged out to have gone in), it’s definitely one of the worst colds I’ve had in a long time, thankfully tho it's progressively getting better as of tonight ! (whether it’s the medicine making me feel better or the infection going I don’t know)but either way i'll probs be in around lunch-ish tmoz anyways and make everyone ill to prove I’m not faking it :P (which some people always seem to presume, because people never become ill right?) . anyways, hope to see you guys tmoz =]

Note to Self...


my update

hey guys, just letting you know that it all looks well swish with the stuff going on and im gonna put my hands up and say ive done no more since last week cos of xmas shopping, work experience, part time job etc oh and an annoying mother lol but i shall be cracking on from this day forth and shall not let you down :)

much love

x x

Monday, 14 December 2009

From the hoop

Here is a short film called "From the Hoop" which is wicked, ive pasted the official web add where they have the making of and stuff like that, dont forget to watch their film youll like it

Sunday, 13 December 2009

aye up

aye up lads. I've got a beta model of a small sofa under wraps atm (mainly so i/we can further develop it if need be . Atm it stands at about 1488 polys =]. Looks bland atm so i aim to push as much detail into it as i can( tattered, run down and lopsided the rest would all be normal mapped . Anyways what models do you guys wish me to make ? =].unless you have me continue with this for now? =]

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Turning point

Ok so I have reached the point where it is nigh on impossible to make the changes I want in maya so I mirrored, smoothed and gave it the JC stamp of approval. Now I have shipped it into zBrush as an object file.
The interface still scares me but instead of closing it down I figured out a few things by randomly clicking stuff...I now know how to resize the brush and rotate the model. Props for me.
In short I'm gonna get Ferhan to give me a crash course on the basic tools I need for this, or nab those tutorials he has at the very least. If anyone has any major gripes with the model so far let me know now so I can change it up before I start the zBrush phase. Oh and don't say `he has no eyes` cos I know dat!
Hopefully it's all fine with you guys but I'll probably put this off till next time we meet up on Wednesday and make a start on the other character model.
P.S. the JC stamp of approval is Josh Cook not Jesus Christ...

Friday, 11 December 2009

Motel so far

Environment so far

Question on environment

Sam just wanted to ask should i only focus on the two cubes u put in the layout representing the apartment and another building, or do we have to model a whole street of building. The buildings which was in the file you gave me, are they only going to be in shot and no other buildings along the road?

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Sexy Occlusion!

Stuck the Ninja in there to make sure the scale was on track.

Inspiration for modelling the motel or apartment

Well today I have been modelling the apartment while listening to the resident evil 2 soundtrack. For some odd reason it was inspiring me to model the environment similar the rundown apartment in resident evil. Here is a picture of the idea

To Sam

Yo sam just wanted to let you know on the modelling section for both of us. Something that will really help out it the long run when is to label each object or building you model. Also when ever you model something which is then going to be duplicated just group them all together (ctrl+G), then label and name the folder.
If what i wrote dosent make sense just let me know

Dodgeball Date

Dodgeball is confirmed. The date is December, Saturday the 19th. Thats a week on Saturday!! It'll be In Sevenoaks School... More details will follow soon. I hope you guys can make it. Not entirely sure who can and who can't. I've already invited as many people as I can think of. If anyone needs a lift I can always pick them up before hand however I think most of us can drive. If you guys could possibly let others know... i sent a couple of texts out and I will get Mike Smith to do a mass e-mail tomorrow I hope. It'll be £2 I believe however time I'm still not sure about. Everyone try and bring someone along as this will really help our degree FuNNNNNNnnnding

Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Hey guys, found this tutorial on the web. Thought it might help it's about rigging. OOOOOOOO


Sam and I met up yesterday to discuss a few things, Fundraising and Contracts being two of them. Contracts we shall go through and you will have to sign either Digitally or in hand... havn't decided if we are keeping them digital or printing them out just yet. Either way we've put down a list of the jobs you guys have said you will be doing and we also chucked in a few others which we think you'll have a go at as well. We can alter things as we go along but its just so we've got something down on paper/digital :p
Cool cool, see you all 2mr I hope lads.