Saturday, 30 January 2010

Lecture Theatre Reminder For Sam and Dan...

More Stuff for the Degree Show Fund Raising...
We/one of us... needs to agree on a date for the Degree show - lecture theatre being booked out for a street fighter - games tournement or whatever it is. We need to E-mail Caroll as soon as possible - she said this at the last meeting and I'm just reminding us - Just looked across my meeting notes. Thats all.
Will Discuss on MONDAY when we're wearing our SNUG hoodies :p

Dude Headshots!?

Lol that was funny. Stupid kid just play the friggin game. That sucks about your PS3 man, I would need to get that shit fixed.
So yeah, Mass effect 2 has landed and yeah I played it a lot. However I havn't completely neglected my duties. I got cracking on the Hitman's head and this is it so far. The creased bits on the face are just where I quickly applied edge loops to sharpen the nose and brow edges etc.
I need to fill in a few faces at the back then it's just a matter of giving him hair and doing a quick tidy up. I think it's going good though. Oh and cut in his mouth :P
Hope ya dig it.


MY PS3 IS BROKEN - Disc reader is not working... Won't read anything! Means I might have to either go online on the Xbox (probably not) or just work harder on my projects I got atm.... I'm thinking project and the dissertation.... so good news for the team... bad news for DAN :( lol
Could try and get it fixed... but I actually don't think I want to atm... I was addicted anyway.... time to go Cold turkey for a while :p

Friday, 29 January 2010



Hey Guys... Dissertation Survey

Please write plenty as it'll obviously help me in my dissertation :p Send to anyone and everyone... even your mummies as it'll be a broader range for me to analyse THANKKKKK YOUUU!

Environment Update

I've updated the environment adding some smaller details. I've now imported Stewart's door and car. Looking almost completed now. Hope you guys are pleased.
[Note to Ferhan] I'm sending you the environment as a master file so we can edit it. Don't look at the hypergraph for now, unless you want a laugh! I'm going to sort it out next week.

Stuido aka's BBC Winter Olympics Inuit Trailer

Last week I was meaning to put it on... but then Sarah beat me to it... I know coz I'm following her Blog... Gad Damn it... oh well... anyway... Studio aka's BBC winter Olympics trailer... for the BBC... thinkin if our dust can be like this snow but fall a lil slower.... and lowerthe opacity...think we have a winner!!!! I e-mailed Philip Hunt to see if he could help at all :p - not even kidding.

Ps its just been added to our inspiration Tab :D

Forgot one

this is the lastest one i forgot to add in in the previous post, tbo i like this one

Very important

Yo peeps, i have started rigging the target again and i am using the method that we tried yesturday for the joint so there will be a nice bend in the shoulder. I am at the stage of placing the joint in the right place and all i need is your approval of wether it looks good. If it does ill leave the joint there if it does not then ill have to move it around somewhere. Pictures are below one low poly and the other smooth. If you guys are able to send feedback asap that would be great as im doing the rig now

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Order Confirmation

They took the cash out of my back account now for the merchandise so order should be coming to my house in the next 5 days... Ooo can't wait lol .... still want a mug... :)

Message 4 Stewart

Some objects to consider when modelling the room*. Keep in mind the target is probably a political figure of some kind.

Room Lap
Mobile Fan
Beer Cans
Takeaway Boxes
Briefcase and Files
Small Table

Don't worry about a T.V. Ferhan has it....hopefully!

*If you need reference, refer to my concept

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Which do you guys prefer?

About teeth and a message to Ferhan.

Real quick post.

I played around with a few ways of doing the teeth and in the end I just did some really basic poly shape which I made into a gum-guard sort of curve and whacked them in there. It gives the suggestion of teeth and I think it suits the style of the rest of the model. Also when it's textured white it will look fine.

I tried making some individual teeth and chaining them but honestly it looked stupid. What I've done doesn't detract from the rest of the model so it should be alright. I also added some eye brows which look a little jarrin lol, but they are cartoony so they should serve their purpose. I made them seperate to the head to sort of keep with the style of how I did the Hitman's tie.

And to ferhan I e-mailed you the Target again with these amendments with some details about parenting the stuff. Just a message here in case you read this first.

Comments Please

So this is where my modelling stands currently.
Do you think the scene is too dark currently? I'm thinking it needs a slight boost in a few places however your comments would be appreciated. I could always boost the light and and see what everyone thinks... it just looks a lil TOO dark at the moment I think... perhaps boost lights on some shots around the character so that we can see. Let me know your thoughts when you see this. Thanks guys!

Wednesday Review

So yeah good stuff today guys. I'm glad we all made it in even if we didn't get THAT much WHACK'd work done. At least we discussed a number of things and Mike seems fairly happy with the way things are going. Keep up the good work... but for tonight.... lets Dissertate a fair bit and get that looking tip top for tomorrow... I'm aiming for about 1500 - 2000 words for the formative :p so you'll all know you've done more than I have haha.

For the formative include your Progress Map (not sure if you need one or not but it wouldn't do you any harm in having it ready!) :)

Sam.... still need to review the Schedule as well ... sometime either Friday or next week sometime - Monday or Tuesday?

Wednesday 27th

Don't know about you guys but Sam, Josh I think and myself are probably guna b in from around 11... not sure if we are fussed about getting seen... just so ya know.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Door Animated

Just a quick Door animation test.

Whos behind Door 1?!

oHhh its our friendly neighbourhood NINJA!!! I'm rendering a door open as I'm doing my Dissertation now... should be done by tonight. Its only 90 odd frames :p .... Think the shot needs to be weighted slightly better as in terms of composition as it looks quite bare on the left (also need to add a handle... and a door stop... and a number of other bits and bobs.... I KNOW lol


For those who don't always read the e-mails.
We need to get a short version of the film (a teaser trailer.... I'm thinking just the guy coming through the door and setting up the gun and looking through the scope and aiming at teh target before WHACK'd comes up as hes ready for the shot.... I know thats a lot to ask for the end of term but we'll see how we get on with everything... It's Do-able.

let me know what you think... the more people that see our work the better obviously... so lets get it out there and start promoting!

The E-mail is below from Mike....

Hi All,

Ben has had a meeting with one of the Rave Live organizers and they
discussed the input from animation. It was agreed animation needs to be
more involved in this year’s event which takes place at the O2 - the
world largest entertainment venue! Having our work shown here is a great
opportunity and we will have a stand inside as was done last year in the
Emerald lab.

Broadcast has proposed that we all design an I-dent after the branding
is released so it can be shown throughout the day on all the main
screens. As well as this, we will have a show reel of all our work from
year two, and include teasers of the BA students’ work along with some
of their previous work.

Year 2 all need to now identify the following;

• Review your work from level 1 and 2 and identify shots and material
you feel would be suitable to submit. `give the work to Ben so he can
organize the content.

• Research towards collating a list of suitable industry contacts.

BA year all need to do the following;

* Identify their best work and give a copy to Ben Keswick in level 2.
* If possible cut together a small trailer or teaser of your BA films

Ben will ask if we are able to get a touch screen database so anyone can
access our show reels and CV's. We also may get a budget for the stand itself.

To help Ben will set up a Face book group and if anyone has anything to
ask or suggest please email him on

If any one has any ideas already that would make a good animation then
please get in contact with me Ben soon as possible so we can get the ball rolling!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Little advice regarding diss

Just wanted ask about the illustrations we could use in our dissertations, i know we are allowed to put photographs, line drawings, maps and diagrams. But are we also allowed to use an image from the internet as refrence, say i found an image on a web site or on google, are we allowed to use this for illustration aslong as we put down the source?

Charlie Brooker's Gameswipe

Have a look, makes me laugh everytime.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Employee request

Yo guys this is a quick question/ request for Sam and Dan really. Basically I said I would be done with the Hitman early this week but I would really like to ask you guys to let me postpone it until later this week.

With the dissertation formative coming up on Thursday I would really like to focus my efforts on that so I can get as much of it hammered out. Once I hit thursday though I can get back to work on the main project, I just want to use this as an oppertunity to get a fair amount of the dissertation done so that it does not hinder me/ us later on.

You guys have been ace with me so far, very patient and supportive with/of my contribution so I understand if your like `YO sucka we need that shit done today fo realio!` if it really can't wait another 3 days then that's cool.

Just thought I should put it to you so I'm not ducking out on my responsibility to the group to get my essay sorted.

Cheers folks. Get back to me when you see this.


Friday, 22 January 2010


This is regarding Tracy Jenkins and if you should require any help writing your dissertation ... If any one needs Tracy's E-mail address ... Sam I know you probably haven't e-mailed her yet... do it before you forget or you'll miss out lol.

Objects to be Modelled...

None of these are massive jobs, so hopefully no biggie.

Ninja Sword
Ninja Star
Hitman Throwing Knife
T.V. (we could probably use Ferhan's)
Takeaway Boxes
Alternate Cars, Ice cream van etc.

If I've missed anything, let me know and I'll update the list!

The headless hitman

Woot! Woot! Incoming progress report. I know we've all been pressured by the dissertation recently so things arn't moving perhaps as fast as they would least for me that is the case.
Just to let you know the Hitman is well on course for being done sooner rather than later. I managed to work out the kinks and tidy everything up nicely on the body today so that all that remains is to give this dude a dome.
I'll probably be writing some more for my dissertation over the weekend so expect this chap to be finished early...ish next week.
Happy trails.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Ninja Rig

yo people

Today i had a little play around with the targets rig after i had binded it to the skin, it moved all smoothly and aldo looked like i would have o paint less weights which is pretty good. Ill get to my point, ive decided to start the rig of the ninja again as im not satisfied with it. Just wanted you guys to know

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

the completed model and accessories

heres the finished model with the accessories. Hope y'all like it

Monday, 18 January 2010

test handgun shot

Had to adjust the rigg but its cool beans now. Just thought id upload a test animation plus its ready for texturing :D



Hi Guys,
Try to get in early so we can see Mike in the morning, rather than be the last group there at the end.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Important Note:

We know have a lot of work saved on various hard drives. Don't forget to regularly back-up your work!

Hitmen and lightsabres

Yo Yo, been modelling and I managed to get the jacket sorta kinda done. Without too much hassle. So after dancing around the room with this imitational lightsabre and twatting myself in the eye with it I thought it prudent to upload that bizzle so the group can share in the glory.
So anyway the Hitman model is going pretty smoothly so far, a few hicups here and there but nothing to write home about. Over the weekend I'll probably be doing dissertation stuff but come Monday I'll crack on some more.
Have a good weekend fellas.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Animation test for Sam

Sam you want to know if the rig would be able to do the movement of ahim pulling a sword from his abck. i made a quick animation for you, hopefully the end results willbe better

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Target rig 85% complete

Just like what the title says its almost don, same with the ninja rig aswell. Ive started painting weights on the ninja and its going all good. Ive the left the weights for a while to i could get the target rig done


Hey heyyyy,
Just wondering hows the Gun coming along?
Do you think it'll be possible to have it completed by the end of Friday... only I'm thinking we have a room that over half the film is in still needing to be modelled along with a number of the props inside.
Cheeeeers ears


Call me babe ;)


Yo quick question about dissertation, when were we given the time slots for the tutorials, was it last week?. And also you guys no where i can get the brief from beacuse i cant seem to find it anywhere peeps

Got the pumps in!

Hey guys,
Been doing some modelling this morning. Got some gas pumps done, thanks for the reference dan! Also started a crane in the background to add some more depth to the environment. Could you guys let me know what you think of the composition of the buildings etc. If you feel things would look better in a different place, let me know.


Another Snow Day

So today we are all supposed to be in Rave. For those who haven't got the e-mail. Rave is not on today. copy of the E-Mail below. Means work hard on your modelling and keep up the good work lads. Hopefully we can actually see each other soon and have a look at each others work in person soon.


---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
Subject: Re: Today?
From: "Mike Smith"
Date: Wed, January 13, 2010 9:46 am
To: "Simon Harvey"

Hi Simon,
My mail server tells me this did'nt connect with the BA anim address.
Can you send it on to as many of the BA year as you can.


Hi All,
I'm afraid the weather has once again caused severe disruption and
cancellation to all classes today.

Dan Dalli has phoned me and due to train cancellations cannot get into
college. He has cancelled the life model.I suggest all level 1 students
work on their other 2 units.

I have phoned Steve Crocker and as he decided, wisely, to not attempt
drive in, due to transport disruption he has not been able to come in on
public transport.
I suggest all level 2 students develop their individual projects on
Industrial Exercises.

I have just got back from Charing Cross after finding that all trains to
Elmstead Wood were severly delayed or cancelled.Foiled again!As I was due
to see all BA students I can suggest that if any BA student feel they need
to discuss their work with me urgently then I will be available Thursday
afternoon and possibly some of Friday afternoon as well as Monday
afternoon.In the meantime keep developing your group projects. Hopefully
the weather will be less treacherous tomorrow.

Mike Smith; Animation course leader

Forces of Nature

Yeah I'm back home again, I went out at 9 this morning and just got back. Spoke to Sam on the phone we came to the conclusion that the icey, slushy roads and the traffic were too much. Round here they havn't got salt on any of the roads, cars are just crawling along. By the time I met up with Sam it would be too late and god knows how long it would take us to get there if we can't even get out of our own back yard, so to speak.

Well I'll probly get more done at home anyway. We have gotta get in tomorrow though, I need some help with my dissertation :/

Anyone know where they have listed the times for dissertation tutorials? I didn't get an e-mail or anything.

Monday, 11 January 2010

sniper update

quick update shot of the sniper model. Still far from finished as you can see but at least u can see what ive been up2. The plan is to model it first and then play around with the verts to exaggerate some of the parts. Once i get an idea of the hitman's size i can then get the proportions right :)

Sunday, 10 January 2010

News Flash!

Quick question, does everyone have their grades and feedback for the 302 film analysis. Am I the only one who hasn't?!



Feeling awful atm... been in bed all day so might be in bed tomorrow as well... so you might wana come in for around 4.15 or whatever in the boardroom. (arrive 15mins before!!!! Don't be late lol) Anyway mate.. I'll keep you posted but I doubt I'll be in tomorrow at 3pm.

One ill Dan

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Rig Question

Guys....just thought...whos doing the Face rig on our characters?.... Anyone please comment... lol

Target model finished?

Ok so firstly he has eyes I just forgot to add them to the occlusion layer. I also just realised that I forgot to make some eyebrows lol. I had intended to ship him into zBrush quickly but my `grace` period ended apparently so I can't get into it. the keygen thing doesn't work either.
Anyway this is it. I hope y'all likes. Only thing that bothers me is the overhang I had on the shirt in my drawing. I couldn't work it in properly, I think it looks ok without. If you guys disagree I can have another crack at it. There where a few other little problems, last few days have been mainly trying to re-do or fix these and this is about as good I'm going to get it right now.
So come Monday I will get cracking on the hitman. Ferhan just drop me a line when you want me to send over the file so you can get cracking on a rig.
Post your thoughts.

Locked Off

Thought I'd create a camera and lock off the shot from the other side of the street. I'm currently making sure the layout and composition is correct before I add more details. This will give me a better Idea of what will be shown and hidden etc.

Note: I think the buildings in the background should be less detailed to avoid distracting from the main focal point ie. The Motel.

Friday, 8 January 2010

For Sam

I know they are pretty awful considering they were token with my phone and I was getting a few odd looks as well so I didn't want to persist too much... anyway I don't know if they will help you at all...
Taken from the shop GAS STATION in Sevenoaks.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Animation test

Just got one of my mates to do a little quick basic walk cycles jus to see if the rig is ok, the only problem i see is that the weights needs be painted

Snow Days!

Hey Guys,

Due to the large amount of snow and ice, many of us are not able to make it in. Hopefully we should be back in track next week. Me and Dan need to make it in Monday for a rep meeting.
Keep working from home and posting on the blog. I'm going to spend some time on my model making it look pukka style!

[note to dan] mike said he would go through the funding in the meeting on monday.

Trouble painting weights

I dont know what it is but the rig is okay but when i bind it to the mesh and start to move around the body part, the legs are fine they move nice but its the shoulder area where it deforms quite bad lol. I know the problem and how to resolve it, it rest all apon the weighting that we apply to the mesh. I had a go at it isolved some areas but couldnt do the same for others. If you want next time im in, you guys can have a go at painting weights if you want

To Josh..

Would you be able to send me the low poly version of your ninja character with the eyes, its kinda hard painting weaight on 40k model, i though i could do it on your low k model then just give i to you to smooth? You have my email rite

Global Domination....

I mean Illumination ...
Ok more work needs to be done however I think I could fix the boo boos :p

Sam... The image above is the image below inverted. Sam Suggested like it should be inverted... unfortunately it didn't go too well :p. hehe. Just thought I'd post it up with the findings.

Ok the next image I think is a really good idea... we should make him go to a disco!.... Disco-Man-Hit....Disco-HitMAN? Hit-Disco-MAN? No....ok... anyway this was one of the MANY that went wrong lol

Incase you guys didn't realise I been working on lighting scenes recently as I reckon we might under estimate the importance of this - Lighting plays an important part within each scene and if we can't see the animation whats the point in doing it. I was thinking... It'll be a shame to have some classy animation and models when you can even see them... then I thought we always have good old occlusions. however as you guys know - indoor occlusions... they don't go too BLACK! So I did some digging and realised we may be able to get a similar effect with Global Illumination with Mental Ray. Been doing a fair bit of rendering and playing around but I'm thinking it could well be the way forward for the interiors if Occlusion won't work.
I only think that Occlusions won't work as it seems like a right hassle cutting off walls etc when we shouldn't need to. I've found the research I've been doing quite interesting (as well as a bit frustrating) however I know I should crack on with the modelling so back I go... lol Just thought I'd give a cheeky update though.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Ninja Rig complete

Yo, hows it going people. Just wanted to say that the rigging for the Ninja character is completed and i think wou guys will like its and it should be animation friendly. I would put a picture on the blog but i rather show u lot in person

Ninja Rig complete

Yo, hows it going people. Just wanted to say that the rigging for the Ninja character is completed and i think wou guys will like its and it should be animation friendly. I would put a picture on the blog but i rather show u lot in person

Quick Note:

Once the modelling of the environment is almost completed (inside and out) we can get some cameras in to get an idea of where shots are going to be framed. Knowing roughly where each shot is locked off we can refine the layout, composition and modelling of these areas.

More Modelling

Going to carry on with the gas station modelling on Wednesday evening after our timetabled meet up with mike smith. Gotta get some photographs photoshop'd tomorrow for my mums friend. Hopefully have the street finished by end of next week ish.

Ice cold

Yo just dropping a quick post for any Whack'd members that may be in college today. I just got back home after waiting on Sam for like 40 minutes. Turns out his car is frozen shut. Lol.

He literally cannot get the doors open, sooo unless he calls me real soon saying he blowtorched it open then I'm probably gonna work from home today. As will he I suspect. I should be pissed off really, I got up early and got my shizz together..but it's too funny.

he he, I'll treat it like a regular work day and hopefully get some stuff done, just working on the Target's shirt at the moment, the collar is a bitch.

Probly see y'all on...Wednesday I think?


Sunday, 3 January 2010

Monday 4th

Hey guys, not sure if any of you will read this - but I think Sam and I will be in tomorrow morning at Rave. Hope you all had a very merry Xmas and lots of new years drinks :p
Cheers, Dan