Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Test 4 and 5

Test 2 and 3

first test

Final Animatic

normal maps

hey guys, thought id bring up the point about normal maps when texturing. We should use these as it will make our textures look 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better than bumping them and therefore the film will look sweet. Ive put the link to the tutorial in the tutorials link on the right side. The link to the download is next to the youtube video or its here

I downloaded the legacy version but im not sure if its useable with macs (Dan) but i dont see why it shouldnt be.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


heheheh kick ass bear :p


So guys is everyone cool to come in Thursday (maybe not Spence considering he's guna be texturing like a biatch for a bit :p) ... we'll go through the shots and discuss who wants what before we go through 2nd year work and hopefully give the hitman rig out... if its all sorted - Ferhan/Stu where do we stand with the hitman now - coz u guys were last playing with it :p?

Apparently Thursday was SUPER quiet at Rave last week ... lets hope for some more of the same :P

Ferhan I know its ur birthday Thursday so you don't have to come in if you don't wana :p - hell its only once a year - if u wana come in cool but if ur doing family/friend stuff thats cool too - just catch up on Friday on the blog obviously. If ur not coming in do a post up Wednesday night if possible to let us know how ur getting on with ur stuff atm.

Spence when going through shots we'll find some easy ones you can either touch up or really piss easy ones that you can block out.

Sam - I'd quite like you to be there for the meeting with Dan Dalli - havn't arranged a time but I know you got workies so shall we say we'll be in until 2/3ish?

Clym - your always welcome to join us obviously however if you'll be more effecient at home.... stay home lol - the earlier that target character is done the better for us tbh :)

Sup to you guys if you wana do the meet up at Rave.... or attempt to dish out shots over the phone/online/blog/skype/msn.... etc?



Ok so I'm about to depart to look after my grandmother, awww isn't he sweet.
Anyway I thought I'd put out a question thats been bugging me this morning. Why is that happening to the default checker texture in maya? (see top screenie) It's not a big deal because the other texture I use works fine but the Checker one is easier on the eyes so I want to switch over later on if anyone knows why this is happening. There is probly just an option that I have ticked which shouldn't be but if anyone knows just leave a message and I'll check it out when I get home.
Oh and Spence I e-mailed you last night with a little question about the UVing so if you read this before you find it then...check it out :P
Cool, catch y'all later.

Monday, 29 March 2010


Have a read at this mail I got from my google mail.... you might be interested!!! I got an invitation from this Russain guy named Ольга So what do you guys do? send it in?

In Fall 2010 (Autumn 2010) the 5th International Fest of Contemporary
animation & media-art LINOLEUM will take place in Moscow.

Purposes of the Fest

The purposes of the Fest are:

- encouragement and stimulation of creative activity of animators and
- popularization of contemporary animation in Russia.

This year the project LINOLEUM announces the selection of works for
competitive participation in the 5th Fest on for the first time, which is
entitled “FULL RECOVERY”.

Nominations of the Fest

The Festival Jury will select four principal nominees during the Fest.
The winner will be awarded to the Grand-Prix of the Fest which is $5000
People’s choice award will go to the work that will get most of the
viewers’ voices.
The works on the short-list as well as those recommended by the Jury will
be included into the collection DVD, released by the project LINOLEUM.

The total prize fund of the Festival is $10000 (USD).

The Fest will be held with the support of «Michael Tsarev Art Projects».

Selection of Works

The selection of works for the participation in the Fest will be carried
out by the Organizing Committee and the Jury.
According to the selection results the names of the authors as well as the
titles of their works will be published on the official Fest website in
the category \Fest\Participants’10.

Conditions of Selection

The number of works presented by one participant is unlimited. The works
are accepted without any strict thematic limitation, but under the common

Requirements to the Works

Basic requirements of Organizing Committee to the competitive works are:

- creation period of the work is the years 2009-2010;
- animation portion must be no less then 30%;
- concise description of the work;
- subtitles in English or Russian (if the works are presented in other
- photos of the director and the production designer, screenshots (of high
definition) on a CD (for the catalogue and press-release);
- only the works that haven’t participated in other contests and fests in
the Russian Federation can be accepted.
Contact information of the author or studio (short résumé) is obligatory.
All the works sent to the Fest are not commented on or returned. The
organizers are obligated to reserve confidentiality and the author’s
rights of the Fest’s competitors.
Contracts will be signed with all the authors and studios, whose works
will be selected for the participation in the Fest.

The reception of works for the Fest will be held till September 1, 2010.
The Organizing Committee will inform the producers (directors) about the
results of the selection till September 15, 2010.

Technical Requirements

- the works are accepted in the DVD format (with the exception of mp4);
- the length of the work is not regulated;

The possibility of acceptance of works on the film 16mm or 35mm is to be
discussed with the Organizing Committee.

.... (theres more blurb I left out


ive put the file on the a drive, its under my name and its called studogwightpaint

painting some weights

Sorted out a bit of the weights for the left leg. Ended up opening a previous file with Fuzzy101 before he binded the skeleton to the mesh and lowering down the leg hip joints and this is what I ended up with after painting the left leg weights. looking better so the plan is that ferhan puts the blend shapes on the rigg and then i spend a day painting the weights as i feel it is achievable.



Sunday, 28 March 2010


i have roughly 30 objects to uv and texture in the room ALONE this does not include the walls or the characters or outside hahaha! .

Tv is done

Table is done

im now uv-ing everything else

Friday, 26 March 2010

Last two days rigging...

just uploaded a vid demonstrating what the rig can do atm, still lots to do. such as making the twist in the torso to work, and adding controls to the right arm. This is just a proxy version, haven't started skinning as of yet. let me know what you think!! cheers


I painted the weights as much as i can, ove completed the arm, shoulder and knee, leg. But im having a bit of trouble with the elbow, i dont know maybe im just a bit fussy but i can never tell if ive completed something or i still need to work on it. Im going to send you what i have done through your rave mail and just test out the arm movements and tell me what you think. Oh yeh i havent touched the stomach yet

New Animatic

Sam... Spence... Anyone

Yes or no? lol

nearly there

almost there with the brief case. I think it looks quick slik and i still need to add some more to it but it will be done before the day is out then its just the 2 knifes and sword for mondays deadline

Tv done

And now I’m doing the Sofa chair . bla bla you get the picture , should be done within the next couple of hours and then ill texture smthing else :P

I'll add some screenies later :)

Update 2...

Ok i have done the weights on the arm, shoulder and knee. Ill post a picture below of the progress, what you will notice is some deformation around the elbow area. It occurs once the elbow is rotated in its normal position. Ill try get past it though


Anyone needs me in... I can come in... just give me a shout. Your all big boys tho - I'm sure you can cope :p

Heads up 3rd years.

In the next day I assume you'll be getting an e-mail from Dan Dalli - I've asked him to do so - write about yourself and your role in the current project - 100 words.
Its for the Rave Degree show website. Have a think about it - when your ready let me know what you want it to say and I'll put it on the site for you. PS... I've got all ur mug shots on my laptop now lol

Apparently we are not allowed anything thats 'FINISHED' from our latest films - considering it will mean that industry contacts would not want to come along - as they have already seen the finished products... etc... we have to have Promo work and work leading up to the finished piece... eg... some nice occlusions maybe.... maybe a poster or something.... images are from like flikr or something...and vids are from youtube/vimeo

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Sam - Comment Please

Correct... yay or nay? Alterations are easy enough. See my blog for break down of Spec, Col, and Bump... might turn up the diffuse actually... coz ITS TOO DARK.... and was thinking slightly greyer? ...
hit me back.


Yo could you send over the master file of the street, i had a look on adrive but it wasn't their for me to grab. Just send it over to my Rave


Ok i manged to figure out how to connect and rig the tie to the hitman with out creating any deformation or other problems. However Dan i follwed the steps you e-mailed me on using deformation for the top of the tie and the belt buckle. The steps i used were:

Smooth bind the tie joint to the tie,
parent the tie joint to the hipsmanip
parent the tie to the mesh
the bind the rig to the mesh

At the moment i am currently weighting up the hitman elbow, managed to do his arm at a good standard and everything else is comming on smoothly. Heres a pic of the tie inactionm, i still need to make control though

Ill keep you updated


Can you send stu's handgun to my ravemail. cheers.

quick test

Nothing more than a quick test , still got the sides and back and top etc to paint

hope you like ?

Quick Message...

Make sure you back up your work regularly. If not at home then on the Adrive. Cheers.

Hey guys...

thanks for letting me help out on your project - really appreciate it!!

just to let you know, the rigging is taking place over today and tomorrow, and hopefully saturday so i'll be constantly updating my blog with new images and stuff of that nature. I will update this one when i get major stuff done (say the body rig, or blendshapes or whatever) but most of the rest will be done over at my blog.


cheers :D

Email Checked

All sounds fine mate, you covered all the main points, you can send it out now.


I've logged out of the email, check what I sent too.

Question about the Rockwell Rig

Yo is there a way to hide all the bones in the arms and hands? I can't select them and there is no layer of their own to select them. I checked the PDF but it doesn't say. And does that hand control do anything? It's real hard to make a fist with the hand with all those bones in the way.

EDIT: I havn't been sitting on my arse waiting for an answer by the way I'm just cracking on with Max for Maya in the meantime. Just get back about rockwell whenever and I'll switch over and see which I prefer :P


Need to speak to you regarding job roles for the second years... let me know when your around for a chattttttt

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Welcoming CLYM Smith to the team from the second year. He's a top notch rigger we've recruited to rig the Target - with stretchy arms, whole body rig and a facial control. Hope the rest of the guys are still on target for Monday. He has the target now and we hope to have posts on how he is doing and has quoted 3weeks MAX from today.

Other news:
Sam and I sent out an e-mail to all the 2nd years that took an interest and are now considering which to use from looking through blogs and delegating jobs accordingly.

Josh - we are considering giving the hitman out to some second years to see if they can come up with anything for Monday in terms of textures. What you think? Possibly consider doing some practice animation - rockwell is on the online database - you have an e-mail I hope from

Sam is currently tidying up his file next to me. I'm going to be Texturing the apartment - with Sam reviewing my work as I go along.

Catch y'all soon!

I think that is all.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Quick Update to Sam

My file renders again now... not sure about that hickup earlier... need to do a lil bit of housekeeping anyway - so will do that and then begin texturing key objects tonight I hope.
PPPPPeace out

Testing the legs


Tomorrow can you bring all character rigs with you, because a second year is going to have a crack at the blend shapes for the targets face. cheers.

Hair 'lol'

Well because we aren’t doing the hair in splines ( because we all know it wnt render ) the hair has obviously been modelled as one non deformable model thing ... which means .. because lets face it .. we aren’t Pixar or sony

it may look like this when textured;

haha! only kidding :P


Just wanted to let you know im about to bind the final mesh with the blendshapes to the rig, should i wait for the textures or shall i just continue with the one i have, then i could apply the textures. Because i really dont want to paint weights twice lol

Holla back asap so i could get this done with lol


Games Tournament still happening? If so we have to get cracking? lol


Created a Whack'd Database upon 'A Drive' (ONLINE)
We'll have to discuss this with the team though. Was pretty easy to set up. I've also set up an E-mail Address for the group (looks more official than sending from d.w.shufflebotham@... or s.j...)
so we can send out reminders etc from the TEAM e-mail address. Need to come up with as password for it atm - I'll change it with you at a later date.

The A - Drive I shall send out the e-mail address and password to get into the Online 50GB free storage DataBase to all you guys so you can all have a browse around. It SHOULD be easier to see what each other is doing and use files etc that everyone can work on.

Sending out an e-mail in a bit.

Monday, 22 March 2010


i have sent a hitman blendshape test to your email, let me know what you think

Note to Spence

When I've cleaned up the motel and apartment exterior master file as best I can, I'll send it over to you to UV map. What I'll do is lock off a few cameras so you can UV areas that you see and not parts you don't, so it doesn't waste time. Let me know what you think. I'll probably send it over around mid-day Tuesday.

Eye blink

Just wanted to ask would i need to do eye blink blends for the hitman, seeing as he is wearing shades and you wont be able to see him blinking. So should i just leave this blend for the target

This Week for Me...

I'm in tomorrow with Dan at 1.30 to present the project to the second years, incase any of them want to lead a hand where nessessary. I will be working from home the rest of the week, trying to get as much work as I can completed by next monday. Feel free to message me if you need to chat or need a file etc.

Job List Please guys

PPD is NOT in Monday 29th -it has been extended - 19th APRIL

LADS - by next Monday Sam and I request from you the following

Sam - Model sign for motel. Clean up Exterior Environment file. Exterior and Interior Lighting and animation tests

Dan - Finish 'UV's - Texture Apartment Interior (Shot by Shot) - light appropriately. Clean up apartment file.

Stu - Tidy scene - Hypergraph - finish Briefcase, Hitman Throwing Knife, Ninja Knife and Sword (with sword holster) model. Practice animation of shot 27. 'Hitman' turns and puts his back against wall. Reloads rifle - use Rockwell.

Joshie - Have a go at the texture of the skin rather than the suit etc - use a slightly more realistic skin colour.... annnnd I'm Afraid to say you going to have to go out of your depth a lil and do some practice animation - you HAVE to do something in there. Have ago at some of the easier shots from the list (team blog).

Ferhan -Finish Hitman blendshapes - moving jaw slightly down (possibly not Final) and rig (Has to be painted and Production Quality) For Monday.
Not for Monday but have a think about .... Attach teeth to bottom of chin to make it move with the jaw bone. Attempt 'whistle' with his mouth (Looking like the letter O) - so this means LIPS OUT (one blend) and narrow mouth to about nose width (another blend). Also the Eyebows.

Spencer - Drop the motel for now and begin to create textures for the hitman (for monday), once completed Sam will send over the Motel master file to UV map (not for monday).

I'm at work tonight however leave a comment and I'll get back to you after. (Dan)
Sams available 24/7 :)
Dan and Sam

Mondays Chats


28th MAY is our DEADLINE. Three folders and your blog should be finished by then.

Mike and Dan look at the CD work,
then the unbiased tutor (different course?)
then the external moderator.

Moives - 320x240 for the cds.
Quicktimes - h.264 compression - maintains quality but keeps file small.
Avi's keep them as DV-PAL

Get this done prior to the hand in considering it takes at least two weeks - it sneaks up to you.
Everyone has to bring in £50 next Monday.

Dan and Sam

No show

Yo spence I never got the target through e-mail at my hotmail or rave.

You probably put at the end or something.


Side note, I've hit a bit of a dead end with the character textures. I've looked into shaders, bump maps, dirt maps, played around with all of them myself and photoshop and I've looked into films like From the Hoop, Pidgeon Impossible, Octapodi.

Because we are just using colour though it pretty much always looks the same lol. I looked into the making of Pidgeon Impossible since that had the most detailed stuff and from the look of it it's simple textures with the lighting making it look awesome.

I'm just going to go back into photoshop now and mess about with it for a while. I'm going to keep at it because I really want to do this but, frankly I don't know what the fuck I'm doing now so if any of you's have a better grasp on it speak your piece. The help would be most welcome.

Does Alex hulse help us with this stuff or just real technical stuff? If he does I might hit him up with an e-mail.


Target done

I'm just sorting out the layout and then i'll E-mail it over to Josh :)

Sunday, 21 March 2010


I'm going in on monday to finish cleaning up files to speed up rendering etc. Also thought that my motel and gas station will probably need UV mapping before I apply my textures. Don't have a clue where to start though, so if someone wants to take it from me or just give me a hand, that would be wicked. Cheers.

Saturday, 20 March 2010


Let me know when you are ready to recieve the apartments file to UV. This was why i emailed you the other day. I wanted to know if you were able to unwrap the UVs for my apartment, i had ago at it but i failed so i wanted to ask whether you are able to do it?. If not ill prob make another go at it once i get the target and hitman blendshaped


I've got a bit of a problem, its not actually a problem is just dont know hwo to do it. Well i have done all the expressions blenshapes, now im off to do the brows. Once i made a blend shape for the borw and expressions they dont seem to work together. For example if i move the brows i cant move the expressions, and when i move the expressions i cant seemd to move the brows. Any one got any ideas?

Just a thought

In a final instance of cognitive thought my grey matter container turned me toward that short film `From the Hoop` I recall the character textures in that where dead basic and prolly the lighting did most of the work.

I forget if they had how they did their textures in a making of video, anyway I'll have a gander at that later to see if I can pick up some tips.

taxing texturing

Been messing around with textures today, heres a screenie of the flats on the model. they lined up pretty good from Spence's UVs I just needed to be careful around the ear and belt but the geometry there was a bit messy so that was my bad anyway.

So yeah basically I can get blinns on the gloves and shades which give them a little shine but I have not tried to apply the fast skin to the face/neck yet, hopefully that will make him look a lot better.

The problem at the moment is with the flats. I know you guys wanted block colour sort of stuff like Team Fortress. But I found a little PDF which I think Sam discovered a while back which sort of runs through how they got that style. And I really don't think it's gonna be possible to replicate that because I think a lot of the shaders they use are unique to their engine. I could be wrong but it mentions a tonne of shaders that arn't on maya and a bunch of algebra.

So if anyone understands it here is the link to the PDF, have a quick lookie and if you get it then I would be happy to give it a try.
I messed around with some fabric textures on the suit as well but it looked really jarring, as far as I can see most of the legwork is going to be involving the shaders.

Input here would be welcome, where do you guys want to go from here? Are there any particular looks your going for on certain parts of the model? (e.g. drawn on seems on suit) Let me know and I will just faff about with stuff until it works.

No rush, just get back to me by tomorrow since I'm tired of looking at this screen for now.

Friday, 19 March 2010


You can send the Hitman over now or the ones which are UVed

Thursday, 18 March 2010


Yo Dan, ive dont the expressions which are needed for the hitman, and im going to call it an end for blendshaping the hitman. Im going to send it over to you to check and if you want me to add things let me know


p.s do the smile and smirk blendshape together, it looks ace


Well since everyone else is uploading stuff, I'm pretty much finished with the UVs on the Ninja.

Uhhhhh I need to tangle a little more with the calfs and palms but other than that it's pretty much sorted so I can move onto trying to texture these bitches in the next few days.

I'm sensing some good energy guys, now we're rolling.

Some new age karma shit right here.

All y'all have a good weekend.


the rifle

hey guys, seen all your renders and they look pretty sick! is it me or do you think that the rifle is a bit too long? lol The bullet exit seems a bit too long but it might just be me. Let me know what you think. Ill get everything else done tho before i go back and faff around with it if need be

Process of Animation

Ok guys this is the process off the CirKus of animation video....

Rigging (and Blendies?)
Then add the textures.
Then Animate!

It doesn't mention the blend shapes but it mentions rigging... so I'm not entirely sure where it comes in. I'm pretty sure its anywhere after UVing. So Ferhan can you get the hitman off Josh/Spence and keep on trucking with your rig if you got time.
chhhheeeeers mate

Hitman is now mailed

Josh mate, it should be sitting in your Inbox . Email is called HITMAN :)


Forgot to upload the image LOL. but yea.. here he is !

The legs are a bit Fubar but workable same goes for the main jacket

I've done what i can with this model with what i had to go by, I sure don't want to spend any more time on him either as we have plenty more to finish!
I'm going to continue with the other character now .. after that i shall be doing my texture duties.. times ticking!

I'll mail this character to Josh btw

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Rockwell and Stu's Rifle


Stu's rifle is Fiiiiiiiiit lol
I have however - when producing the occlusions - noted that the elbow should be higher rather than down behind the butt of the gun. My mistake obviously but I've learnt a lot :D

Title Reveal

Rough idea of what it could look like. Looks ok at the moment and I think it could work really well. The text will probably be in white due to the high contrast of the room and I also thought the camera should slowly zoom in on the title too.

Shot List

Shot Sequence List

Possible Shots
Hallway opening low shot. Key into door and open door. (from Dan’s Animatic)

Sequence we have worked on:
1. Black – open door – silhouette
2. Low angle walk to past (hallway)
3. NAME? ‘In association with JC and SB’
4. Low angle walk to table ready to lift briefcase.
5. High angle Fan shot – Case on table and open
6. NAME? ‘With FK and SH’
7. Close up on inside case as hitman picks up parts.
8. Main attachment of gun put together
9. Silencer Screw on – close up
10. Scope attachment - close up
11. NAME? ‘Music by LT’
12. Close up of Face out of window.
13. Motel scan around through wooden boards
14. NAME? ‘Directed by SS and DS’
15. BEV above gun TITLE integrated behind.
16. Prepare to look down scope – eye in scope.
17. POV Scope scan around and flick in zoom in on target in chair.

18. Over the shoulder of chair at TV – News Report – Pan round as Chinese goes down and bottle goes up. Pan 120 degrees Clockwise and drink bottle.
19. Mid shot of hitman with gun ready – safety off (possibly)
20. Trigger finger close up – suspense

21. Bullet through chair behind. Target sniff (if possible). Target drink after a moment. Rain of bullets. 1 hit can/bottle in hand – 1 hit bottle to side.
22. Target spits out drink. Turns to window. Doesn’t see him.
23. Jumps behind chair. Hides behind it before peeking up and more bullets go over his head.
24. Hitman looks without scope – start in scope end out of scope with sneer on face.
25. Looking towards window target crawls hurriedly to window.
26. Against wall – target edges towards window – begins to look round. More bullets in. Target hides again against wall and slides down wall.
27. Hitman turns and puts his back against wall. Reloads rifle – camera pans through the wall and shows target crouched immediately after wall thickness. (FAKE SHOT)
28. High angle out of focus blind cord with target on floor below. Target looks up and focus changes. Reaches up.
29. Scope POV – blinds drop and bounce.
30. Target still on floor – twists cord for angle of blinds
31. Apartment window from outside – hitman grunts (distressed) and throws down his rifle. Leaves.
32. Side view of target – crouching looking through blinds.
33. Hitman crossing road – He passes camera and camera raises up to gun level shooting.
34. Target jumps back from window and backs away from door.
35. Shot on door – pause for sound of footsteps. Hitman crashes through door Low angle shot. Raises gun.
36. Target raises arms and backs away past the TV – Hitman steps forward at same time. (UNSURE ON CAMERA)
37. Close up on gun – Click – out of bullets.
38. Surprised close up of Hitman's face.
39. Hitman throws knife from jacket pocket and follows knife into Knife slow-mo past far side of target.
40. Hitman walks forwards, reloads pistol and cocks it – points to target.
41. Targets reaction close up – turns face away from hitman (and ninja mountain).
42. Close up of gun – swing to light switch flick on.
43. Target opens eyes and pats down body in disbelief – looks down side of arm and sees ‘Ninja Mountain’
44. Close up of Ninja Mountain to fast zoom out to reveal large bullet count

45. Target grabs Hitman leg for protection.
46. Hitman drags out target clinging on by leg.
47. Over Hitman shoulder ninja party outside motel – look left and look right.
48. Ninja Details – Cracking fists
49. Ninja Details - Neck crack (Smith from Matrix)
50. Ninja Details – Lamp post sword drawn
51. Hitman medium shot – slumped shoulders growl and sigh – target hides.
52. End Credits - Music

Second walkcycle

nearly there

this is pretty much the finished sniper and i think it looks ace. Just need to add a safety clip and set driven key for the bullet exit. Ive added a set driven key for the magazine dropping out and all in all a good model i think. Im quite proud of this bad boy

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Fuzzys Walk Cycle

I managed to wack out a whole walk cycle, but for some odd reason i did not save it an i had turned maya off. I made a second attemp on animating the legs but i have left the arms out. Tell me what you think


Not sure if we are going to need this (possibly on the target for over exaggeration) but this is how Dave Ross got the old stretchy deformer working - looks pretty easy just using the distance tool etc.


Have a flick through - it'll probably give you some brownie points when it comes to final submission even if we don't use it its still in ya portfolio of tests and stuff :)

Animation Test

Here's a little test animation I did for the Pirates Movie but check it out anyway. It took about an hour and a half.

Walkies Cycle by Dan

Took about 2-3 hours but by the end of it I was getting quicker and quicker

Animation Test 2

I tried to make it look like he was breathing in and out

I Hate Textures

Hey guys,
Spent some of the morning working out why my textures not applying. Changed them to Targa's and it works now. Don't quite no what the problem was but it fixed itself, like many things in the world of maya. Been messing around creating some textures and applying them. Some look good, others don't or just look too textured, if you catch my drift. Texturing is a long, slow, boring process but needs to be done. I understand this may take time to get things looking right. Good job we can start animating asap!

Monday, 15 March 2010

RockWell - Dans Animation Test 01

Please comment

I think the foot timing is a bit slow on the arch of the swing. And also re-watching I would probably change the hand animation in the flick around to the back of the hand - would tuck the fingers in moreso.
Any other criticisms are very welcome - also phil, dan E, sarah, matt... anyone else from other teams see this please do comment too.

Animation Test

A random Animation test i did

Animation test1

Hey. Here's a little animation test of one of the shots from Dan's animation. It's only a quick 15 min one!

Shuffle-Animatic - Different from Sams

Please read below prior to watching to make sense of this animatic :p

My animatic - a few different shots to sam and quite a lot longer lol
Things you need to know BEFORE watching -
- THe intro i whipped up together... but I want it to be really dark and dusty with just enough light to see the character... and the guy actually turns the key but he wasn't RIGGED.
- the sniper rifle shot - fitting the scope needs to be slightly longer and the look out the window needs to be a little shorter. (pre titles)
- the black just after the opening titles - is the hitman moving his eye into the scope of the gun.
- At 1 min u see a news report - hear it anyway and see pictures of our character and josh's text (previous post)
- at 1.24 - shot is a close up of the hitman moving his finger slowly to the trigger as he takes aim.
- at 1.38 - this shot is so long as he has to climb OVER the seat and then hide for a bit...before popping his head back up...and getting shot at again.
-at 2.02 - the same shot is used again however it would a few gun shots til they stop and then you hear footsteps outside.
When the hitman enters the motel - I would actually want the target to fall down when he throws the knife (error on my part) and the positioning of the target is off.
- the close up of the pistol is the 'click' as the hitman has no ammo.
- the close up of the hitman would be an :o supprised look and then the target is kind of still panicing. Hitman grabs a knife (from down his sock currently lol) and the target (prefarebly falls down)
Hitman reloads - target goes :O and looks away as the hitman approaches him... and then shuts his eyes.
Lightswitch on (but this would be done better than this shot - you'd see the gun being pointed then a quick swoop to the light switch with the gun
Target checks his body and then notices pile o' bodies (preferably right next to him!)

The rest you know.

Today's Progress

I've been locking off shots for the animatic over the weekend (below) and got it paced fairly well, need to discuss this with Dan on wed. Also locked off the POV shot from the hitman's room, the view across the street. You see less of the street than I originally thought so much of the unnecessary buildings to the right are lost. This is probably a good thing though, so more work can go into making this area look amazing.

I've started creating textures too. I will start applying these to the motel model tomorrow. So far so good.

Animatic Updated

Just finishing the Uvs for Hitman

- Then I’m going to neaten them up in Maya and get the best Uv's i can with what’s infront of me, should be done by tmoz(today even) hehe . Then i'll crack on with the other dude.. & then i can start texturing some objects.

Sunday, 14 March 2010


Yo peeps this is the tutorial that Spence gave me a few days back, it was going pretty awesome but for some reason now my web browser won't umm what's the Basically at the foot of the page there is a dealy that let's you navigate to to page 2-3-4 etc and that won't show up so I'm stuck on the first page.

I tried searching for other links to this tutorial but I get the same problem, so I was wondering if Spence has a PDF of it or something or if one of you can have a little click on it and see if it works for you, if it does could you do me a huge favour and screenshot each page for me and send it over so I can get cracking?

If not then I can probably get access to another computer tomorrow but I'd rather get it sorted today.

Cheers. I'll keep trying and check back here later.


Sam Saunders a very happy birthday... Woop woop! :D

Friday, 12 March 2010


Yo I sent the models to you but the e-mail adress you gave me didn't work so I sent them to your rave mail. If anyone else reads this before Spence and see's him just let him know.




Amigos! don't fret I'm working on the jobs I was set and I'm halfway done, but I just had a little tea break and while chomping on some toast my mind turned to something that came up in our presentation yesterday.

I know we plan to do a news report or some papers in a briefcase to establish who the target is and why people are out to kill him, so I thought this up and thought I'd share it with you guys. I know the scripting is mainly up to Dan and Sam but I think something like what I've written would solve our problem and appease Mike and Double D while we're at it.

States Attorney Regonald Egan is believed to have gone into hiding, fearing for his life after his campaign on organised crime in the city came to a startling conclusion yesterday.

Egan had promised to `clean up` the city and free it from the grip of several high end drug and
racketeering organisations by seeing that the leaders of these groups would be brought to justice
in a court of law.

While some low ranking liutenants were tried and convicted, all three of the suspects believed to
have been in charge of these criminal operations were cleared of all charges.

Police officials refuse to comment on the wherabouts of the States Attorney or the circumstances
regarding his dissapearance however, due to the reported death threats Mr Egan recieved leading up to the trial it is safe to assume he has gone to ground...

It can be worked over and re-written or whatever but I think something like this says everything we need to say. Let me know what you think, or just brainstorm some ideas of your own or any improvements on this.



sorry I was repeatedly ripping into your animatic - I get how hard it is now. Spent about 4 hours just doing the start lol. Can't wait to see what you come up with this weekend though. If you need any extra shots taht you know I've got...just text me/e-mail me.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

quick test

spent 20 mins of this afternoon doing a quick pose with the rigg that Dan found as well as carrying on with the sniper. Just to see how the target could look. Pretty fly!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Animatic for 2morrow

The pdf presentation is completed for tomorrow, with schedule included. The full animatic is completed too (below). Fairly happy with it, alot of shots need changing and timing needs adjusting in places. Spose it's ok for tomorrow though. Let me know what you think.


As I said... you need any renders for tomorrow give me a shout. I'm doing a quick turn table of that guuy - points below. but the occy might take a while lol. Getting the Schedule done for you now buddy. Shall send it to you soon.

Ninja Pose

Ready for Jared. Good work boys


Quick note on progress with the UV's, I've made a little progress on certain areas like the torso however, the arms and legs just seem to be f***ed and I dunno how to fix them. You've seen the screenie from yesterday. I've used cylindrical mapping on the arm and leg but it goes all over the place. I tried other things like planar mapping which actually looks a lot cleaner on the UV editor but I don't think is suited for mapping areas that form a cylinder.

Dan was kind enough to send over a PDF which I'm gonna have a scan through in a sec but I reckon I'm gonna need a little help on this, at least to get me started.

I'll bring in the file tomorrow and just go around pestering people to see if I can get some info out of them, hopefully then I can figure out what I'm doin wrong and how I can do it properly. All hope is not lost.


So you know what you guys are doing for the rest of the project.

Sam - Director, Modeller, Texture Artist, Visuals, Script Writer, Animatic, Animator

Dan - Director, Modeller, Texture Artist, Lighting, visuals, Script Writer, Animator

Josh - Lead Character Artist and Texture Artist, Storyboard Artist (perhaps move on to animation as well?)

Stewart - Lead Animator, Modeller of Objects and Environment.

Ferhan - Lead Dynamics Artist, Environment Modeller

Spencer - Lead Texture Artist

Lewis Taylor - Audio Soundtrack, Animator

Sam and Dans Tasks for the Day

Just to let you guys know what is going on today with us two.

Gather images and do renders specific for Presentation.
Prepare for presentation for tomorrow.
Prepare .STL file for Jared by TONIGHT

Dan - later - schedule by tomorrow :(

Josh - Images please

Please send Sam or I a nice occlusion/high res (1024 x 576) of all characters (you probably already have them on your comp already)... we have a few off the blog but we are looking for ninja and target (especially) with eyeballs. I can model the hitman when Fuzzio sends it over riggeed.

Cheers, Sam and Dan

Ferhan/Stu - send me models please

Ferhan... Could you send me the finished rig for whichever your working on (think its the hitman atm) this will be used for Jareds 3D object thingy that we are going to get printed/made. Do this ASAP - I'm going to stick him in a lil pose and on a pedestool for us.

Stu - same deal with the pistol please so that I can pose with it.

Cheers guys

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Right guys.

I've got two tracks ready for ya.

The first one called 'Locked and Loaded'. I intended it for the beginning. I wasn't too happy with the original 'Geared Up' track I did.

The other is called 'Ninjutsu Blues', I was kinda thinking for the ending credits but its up to Dan n' Sam!

I already emailed Sam but no reply...


update on the progress of the motel room. Added a radiator and step ladders which i thought shows how the target would get there himself usually. The square floating in the air on the top image is the trap door. still looks a bit bare in my opinion tho so im gonna try and fill it up a bit more

UV progression

Little update for y'all, I started on the Ninja's UV mapping today. Despite getting sidetracked by FFXIII for a while I made a fair bit more progress than on the Hitman. At the moment I'm in the process of sewing the UV's in the red box by hand so to speak since the auto sewing deforms them. It's taking a while but seems to work better.

Anyway in short I have no idea if it's going according to plan, I've seperated out the arms, hands, feet etc but it all looks pretty raggedy. Since I'm flying blind though I won't know if it's right or wrong till I reach the end of the process. So bear with me till then :P

Gonna work on it some more tomorrow but if I botch it I may have to hook up with Spence on Thursday for a little bit or anyone else who knows what the hell they are doing to set me straight. I'll keep you posted on my progress.


Hitman Rig

Just to let you guys know, i have started on the Hitman rig, and should get it done by tomorror

Sniper Test

Quick Lighting Test

Sam as you can see... the clouds look ok... but I think it would be better if there was a background hill or something in the distance - past petrol-ie garage - rather than empty space - atm it all looks on ONE level. No height - which is very fake.  the lights themselves. I think look alright - could be better mind you but hey ho just a preview for now - textures do wonders as you know.


Ps - background blurred... not that well done though.


Yo Ferhan just a little reminder, still waiting on you to send over the ninja that you used to do the rig or are using to do the rig so I can make sure I can UV the correct version.


Polished offs Blog Had this...

Yeh totally stolen but I want to make sure everyone sees it.  Was a really good watch actually.  Its about the process of animation for people who don't understand it.
Also please note - UV - RIG - TEXTURE.

Sam Please

Hello...can I speak to Sam please.... Hi... can you please send me your Motel (moDOWN) file as well as the sky texture - I'll have a wee crack at lighting it for you.  If you want to continue with textures and stuff and then you can import the lights that I put in - if you likey like them... I'm sure tweaks will need to be made for the lights for various shots though but yeh.

don't worry if you do this half way through the day.  There's no rush.  I just spent a lil time with Rockwell sitting down... hes going ok... but it seems to take me a LONG time to do anything with him lol


Monday, 8 March 2010

Skins and maps

Some screenies of what I've been up to today, just mosey on over to my blog for a few details since I can't be bothered to re-type it all over.
If your too lazy to do that then heres the short and sweet for ya:
-top screenie= test of maya default skin, works okay, has potential since you can toy with specular, colour etc... also blinn on the shades looks pretty sweet
-Bottom screenie= botched UV's on the Hitman, had some trouble, gonna try the ninja first because its a simpler mesh. When I got a feel for it I'll give the Hitman another pop.
In regards to your post Sam, I figured this was the sort of thing your going for but until the UV's are sorted there won't be any colour added. Unless someone wants to start adding colour after I UV one then move on to another or if I texture while someone else is UV'ing. Either way I'm pretty sure everyone else has enough on their plate right now so I'll get there myself, but one step at a time.

Character Textures

Josh, when you have a crack at adding colour and texture to the hitman, have a look at this model and notice how limited it is in terms of actual texture. Mainly blocked colour and reflective on parts such as the boots etc.

Oh can you send me the updated hitman model to my ravemail so i can render some shots for the animatic, cheers.


Time for a return request, Ferhan which Ninja did you use to paint weights in the end? Can you send that back over to me so I know which one to try and sort out the UV's because I have like 4 versions of it and I can't remember which one your using.

I think it was a low poly unsmoothed one but whatever ust send over whatcha got and I'll handle the rest on my end.




Yo Josh, if you made any changes to the hitman, could you send him over please, if not then ill continue to rig the one you gave me

Peace out

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Jareds Request

guys - well done on the dissertation shame to disappoint you but we
gotta get cracking with our film next week/asap. Sure enjoy the weekend
:) I know I will. Jared has already said he wants files from us in the
next few days and this is an opportunity we cannot miss. Having a mini
model at the degreeshow would be AWESOME - and for ourselves obviously
to take home. So lets jump on that band Wagon. I believe he asked us
for a character (or all of them :P) on a plinth in a pretty gd pose
(not just T pose) means rigged unfortunately. File should be an .stl I
believe. Shall check this in maya when I have 5mins 2mr.

hitman with a gun wouldnt be too shabby... ninja with a sword again
might be cool... Target bricking himself. I was also thinking of on the
plinth engrave WHACK'D on it... so that they make a lil ingraving on
it. (I know how to do that I THINK)... anyway.... again...well done on
the Diss guys!!! I'm sure you all did well :P

so in brief... character in a reasonable pose that can support its own weight
.stl (i think thats what he said) file type exported from maya.
plinth for it to stand on... with no gaps between the character and it

catch ya laters

Thursday, 4 March 2010


Don't forget the Progress Map.  Its an easy 5% if you do it right!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Not that you didn't know

The dissertation deadline is coming up guys! Oooooh... I'm not finished yet.  Don't forget 4 copies in total! 2 on different cds and 2 printed and bound... all in a cheeky plastic wallet if you got one!
Hope yours is all going well lads
... guessing you guys figured that we won't be meeting up on Wednesday this week and probably not Thursday either... if anyone has finished feel free to have a day or 2 off... relax! you deserve it :p
Catch y'all on the flip side