Friday, 30 April 2010

Spencer is in today

He is now going to be texturing the target next - and the latest UVed Ninja (rigged) is on the aDrive so use him. And keep on animating.
Ferhan has been animating Stus shot (title shot) shot 15 I think. To lighten the load - while he waits for other shots.

All is going well. Lets keep on going lads we are SO on target!


My Version 4 of shot 16 as he looks out the window and focuses down the scope. Thumb needs tweaking ... any thing other than that - hand alteration etc.... Don't look at the thumb coz thats all I can look at atm.

Anyone comment... thanks

Shot 18

Update on shot 18, going alright. Sped up the arm as Dan suggested I think it's better now. having trouble adding the chug at the end but I'll get there.

just leave a note if something needs changing and I'll get on it. Keep on tweakin'

P.S. Uploading my previous two shots to the render folder on the A Drive in a sec, they arn't in the room so you'll have to import him. Also I'll nab the ninja while I'm there.

Ch-Check It Out...

Abit too dark in places, going to fix this soon though.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Ninja Rig

Josh - Ninja Rig is now on the A-Drive... if anything is wrong with him let me know... First time rigging.. weighting or whatever it was I did lol

Blockin out

Cheeky update to show how the blockout's going. Just getting the timing down. The gaps where he isn't doing anything are for him drumming his fingers and grabbing the can. I'm happy with the timing of him reaching for the can and raising it up. Wrote more over at my blog.

P.S. How does constrain parent work? Cos I need to make him pick up that can.

Get outtaofit

Yo whoevers on the Adrive get off lol need to download that file real quick.

Room Scale...

The motel room is scaled. Now on the adrive in my folder. The table is also moved closer to the chair for you josh. Dan have a look at it when you get a sec to make sure everything is pukka.

Just a note

Yo just a quick note to say in shot 18 with the target taking a drink of beer I need to move the table closer to the chair and re-arrange a few bits on the table itself so that he can actually reach the can.

Also Sam is scaling down the whole room so that we have an accesible file where the Target isn't one of the borrowers. Do you guys want me to upload it again once I have moved the table around? Or just play it by ear?

Pictures for Website

I'll add the info later on today

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

shots 2 and 4

quickie for Dan,

shots 2 and 4 are on the adrive ready for rendering and light tweaking. Ive set up the start and end frames on both shots so don't touch those! lol other than that the settings can be altered but dont change the start and end frames



Monday is BANK HOLIDAY! Rave not open.

Complete for Wednesday 5th May...

Dan- Ninja Rig, Fingers and Leg weights. Ninja Textures. Shoulder Hitman Rig, Hands. Scale Motel for Lewis and post on Adrive.
Sam - Finish Exterior Textures + 4 shots animated
Ferhan - 4 Shots animated - AND POST NINJA RIG on ADRIVE FOR DAN!
Stewart - Shots 15, 23, 33 animated
Josh - Shots 18 and 40 animated as best.
Lewis - Shot 21 animated.
Spencer - Target Textures and one of your shots from the list.

Guys, If we can get all this completed by next Wednesday we are laughing. This means almost 50% of the shots will be finished. Make sure you post your progress regularly so we can help each other.

Roll out the barrel

Played around with that barrel attachment shot and got it looking a bit better. hope ya diggs. As I said in my earlier post if there is a shot or two going that I can take on until the Ninja has a weighted rig just say the word.

Lighten the load

Since I didn't get any more feedback regarding the scope attachment or about extending the barrel attachment shot I'm going to assume they are both alright with you guys. In which case I can't do my Ninja shots yet since I don't have a working rig for that, so if there are any other simple shots flying about maybe I can lighten someones load? Or at least have a go at one.

I'll be working over the barrel shot anyway since I said I'd try and extend it in the mean time.


Oh btw .. Though you’ve probs thought about it buuut don’t wry about allocating me any shots for WHACK’d if things get tight, seriously .. Just leave me something to neaten up if that , like any shots that are dirty or w/e .. but yea, is everyone in Friday? Thursday? Ill give you the room ! . then spend some amazing time assigning these textures back.. YIPPIE


dan , i'm just finishing a painting atm, then ill upload everything else on here :)


Website is almost done guys. Spent about .... 12 hours straight - with a few breaks of leaving college and driving and eating food and drinking and.... you know... a few 5min breaks.... but I've been altering things today on the website. Its finally taking shape. Final things to do - add personal contact pages E-mail Address for each person under the project and sort out whats happening about a number of people.... eg Quirke, PB (believe he's left now unfortunately).

Anyway... enough about what I HAVE done... now what I havn't.... SORRY I havn't been animating today or Monday too much - feels like I've done bugger all this week so I apologise for that. Tomorrow I'm going to be 90% Animation (I hope). Its going to be a LONG day lol.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Here are my discription for my site, it is in the order of the images, Thanks again Dan

This is one of the props which was modelled for the short film Whackd, as you can see i tried to go for more of a stylized look to suit the film.

This is the model of the apartment and surrounding buildings for the film Whackd, as this task was split into two, i was in charge of modelling the apartment while Sam who is one ofthe directors of the film was in charge of modelling the motel which is on the opposite side of my apartment. I was highlyinfluenced by the 3D animated film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as i tried to capture the style of the environment shown in the film

This is one of the earlier Ninja concepts I created for the film Whackd

This model of an Ipod touch is piece of work was created for my own personal work, as i
am passionate about modelling i try to model any objects that i have in front of me or objects
given as reference. This was modelled lit and textured by myself

Similar with the Ipod touch, i modelled this Ipod 5th generation for my own personal folder

As i am a huge Street Fighter fan, I decided to model on of the Street Fighter 4 arcade sticks,
it was pretty fun modelling an object which I constantly use to beat all the opponents
in the game. This to was modelled in Maya and was lit using ambient lights and HDRI

Stu and Spencer

Please upload some images (LARGE) to blogger eg can be any scale but when uploading them onto the blog make sure your hit LARGE before the final upload button.

With each image/video you give me I need a description for each one - SAM I NEED DESCRIPTIONS FROM YOU.
If you wish to include showreels you can however in the description you must state that it is an '09 showreel - you will have the opportunity to alter the pages closer to the degree show once passwords etc have been given out - just get some images up now so that we can a full team of finished looking profiles

Thanks guys!

You like yar - any alterations let me know - Whack'D link will be coming later on tonight.

90% Done...

Scope attachment Update- Update

Ok so added some oomf! to when he clicks the scope on. Too much, too little, ok?

Also I added some movement to the tie and coat on the barrel shot, but this shot is real short or at least is in a playblast, it seemed longer in the trailer for some reason. In anycase I'm thinking of adding another second or second and a half before the attachment where he brings the gun into view from off camera. I just had a little go which is why this update took a little longer than planned and moving all the previous frames across cocked it up lol.

I can give it another go in a bit though, mandems needs some toast, get me?!

Whatcha think extend that shot or leave it be?

Scope attachment Update

Since I've expressed reluctance to be in college for ridonculous hours I figured I'd take into account something Dan said. He made a good point about having someone tell you where your shit stinks so to speak. So I'm gonna make sure to upload my animation updates everytime I make a change or improve upon something to get some critique.

So since you guys are gonna be living in college, keep one browser tab open on the team blog so you can tear up my animation lol.

With that out of the way let's get down to the nitty gritty. Here is an improved version of my scope attachment shot after taking into account stuff shuffs laid on me yesterday.

personally I don't like the lack of movement in the fingers but there was only so much I can do while he's supposed to be gripping something like that. Also the sleeve will probably need to be masked because it pokes through the scope a little. Other than that the little finger is a problem since it won't curl at a suitable angle and when I try to key the bone it just resets itself.

I added more movement to the rifle arm, moved the body a bit, fixed up the clicking of the scope and added the slide back. I made sure that where the slide ends is pretty much in line with where it should be in Ferhan's shots where he's holding the rifle. Also added the clip :)

Anyway I think it looks better than before but anything else y'all want me to try to change just leave it below. In the mean time I'll go back on the barrel attachment and try to add some movement to the tie, coat etc...

Embeded code for Dan

here are my embeded codes for two videos

Monday, 26 April 2010


Seeing as we have only got 3 weeks to get animation done, me dan and stu have decicded to stay till uni closing time on wednesday to try and get as much animation done as possible. Sam this means you to and Josh lol Holla back


Animation Count-Down

3 Weeks until most of the animation needs to be completed. Check the shot list to see which of your shots you should prioritise (the harder ones). There is now a folder on the Adrive titled 'Shots to Render'. Post your completed animations in this folder.


Updated yet again
The link is just over to the right now - Check out the Whack'd Site... looking pretty sweet now with our pretty lil pics :)

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Pics for post--Updated

The Hitman character for our film Whack'd, ready for business. Modelled in Maya by myself. Rigged by Ferhan Kahn and Stewart Bull.

The Target, the other main character for the film. Modelled by me and rigged by Clym Smith.

The final character for our film, simply called `The Ninja` because...well..because he's a ninja. Oh yeah I modelled this dude too.

Some Panels from the final rendition of the storyboard. Been a while since I sketched these out.

A few more panels here, the story went through quite a few versions before I managed to produce a finished storyboard. This led to many re-drawn and unused panels.

Final concepts for the cast of our film. From left to right; The Target, The Target in his undies, The Ninja, The Hitman. I drew reference from the origional hitman design by Sam Saunders and produced my own rendition which came out as a mash up of that origional design, Clint Eastwood and The Hulk.

Like every aspiring artist you start to hate stuff you drew in the past so here's a few character pieces I've drawn since I created the characters for this film to show how my style has changed up/ improved. This character was a piece I just sat down and drew after a few hours playing Mass Effect.

I wasn't going to show this since the characters were not designed by me but I'm quite proud of it so what the hey. Copywrite and props go out to Sean `Cheeks` Galloway, a great cartoonist in his own right. This was my entry for a competition he ran a while back asking people to draw some of his characters, I didn't win but I had great fun drawing it and I think it looks pretty good.


Ok should all be 400x whatever this time. Upload them whenever you get the chance Danny boy.
Thanks again dude.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

About images

I'm gonna sort my images for the website a little later but I was just wondering if they all need to be related to our films? I saw Ferhan had an iPod or something which I don't remember appearing in our film so I was gonna maybe throw in 1 or 2 character designs that I did in my spare time?


Hi guys, I thought I'd lay down the score (pun) about what's been going on with the music. I know Sam wanted a very Harry Gregson Williams style song for the action sequence. That has proven to be a bit of a problem, as my keyboard is extremely limited (it was dead cheap) and Harry uses a huge library of effects to get his sounds. After I couldn't do that I tried something a little heavier and more pumping, i.e Motorhead inspired. Halfway through recording the song I decided to play it alongside the animatic, it was way tooo heavy, it did not suit the tone of the film at all, it made the hitman seem like a demon or something. Looking hard 50's style and tone of movie, and keeping with the musical stylings of the previous recordings I have made for the movie, I have decided to go for a 50's surf style inspired by the guitar legend Dick Dale.

Dick Dale is most famous for his 1962 song 'Misirlou', which most people will know as the theme from the movie 'Pulp Fiction'. What I will do is take this style of high energy music and mix it with some orchestral sounds and synth sounds to see what I can come out with. I have already written the track, it is now just a case of recording it.

Let me know if this idea sits with what you guys want for the movie before I start recording.

PO/Splay/Pirates/Gnomes/RedRock/(Dummy) + Whack'd

For the website

Spoke to Max - he said the heads are being put up this weekend- ones used to navigate our personal profiles (at least thats his aim) so if you haven't got any images on your page - .... or no 100 words... you will look like a FOOL.... A FOOL I tell you. Whack'd - upload your images to this site and I'll rip them off...
Underneath all the CODES (in order you want them - eg top is at top... put all the descriptions for each image.... eg. a rendered shoe I made in Maya for the project.... (havn't a clue why a shoe... but yeh)

everyone else from other projects - I need Embed codes from blogger - seperate the images out with a couple of / on the keyboard so that I can see the different codes.

Upload Whack'd site OR...send to

cheers, Dan

Friday, 23 April 2010

Good job

well done on the Trailer guys - we all did a gooooood job there - hope you enjoy watching it - its on the ADrive - in the Animatic folder I believe.

Again - well done guys.

Thursday, 22 April 2010


I was guna use my SFX hard drive... but I can't find it anywhere... so if anyone has any useful SFX for 2mr please bring them... I got pretty much nudda.
I know kai is doing the sound... and believe me I dont want that job - just looking for a quick slap on job - spence if you read this - and have a gun shot somwhere ... duno why but I figure you would .... have NO idea where this is coming from though ... maybe coz u know kai.... anyway if you have one...e-mail it to me or A-drive it for the morning mate.
Things I would LOVE:

Gun Shot (silenced prefered)
Clicks of metal.
buttons being pressed - even a beep.... fuck knows if anyone comes up with anything.

Cheers guys.

Josh -

Both of yours look PUKKA mate. Come in tomorrow and I'll show you :p I won't post them up here but I will put them on the A-Drive if you'd like - not posting any ... almost finished renders on the A-Drive. Sam may have called you earlier and said that we couldn't have your shots in - due to rendering time constraints... but I've just rendered both your shots now so will attempt to cut it in tomorrow pre 11!

PS.... i love Floor - you'll see what I mean when you see the shot. :D


We got til 11 o'clock 2mr to finish the trailer - I spoke to Ben after you all left and he said it would be cool to hand it into him tomorrow. I'll be in around 10. Catch you around then. Josh - rendering your shots tonight I hope as Ferhans took AGES to set up.

Note to Spence...

Mate, would you be able to texture the target and leave the car for now. The target is higher priority, should really have thought about this earlier, my bad.

Also could you send me Kai's email so i can send him the animatic for the SFX. Cheers.

Animation Drive

Yo I'm just uploading my two shots for the teaser now to the Adrive. I'll keep working on them too but I'l give you what I've got for now.

Havn't worked out the slide on the scope attachment unfortunately (see my blog) so that will have to be an early cut. Anyway. I'm uploading it now.

EDIT: They are in my folder on there

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Ok i got a little problem here, for some reason i cant get into my rave mail so i could send the animation file over to dan, so instead i thought i would use the a-drive instead and the user name and password information in in my webmail which i cant access. Its probably not recomended to post the log in information on here, so what else you think i should do?

Dan these are my images

Website Images for Dan

Can you put them in this order, cheers mate.

These are a couple of environment concepts for the Whack'd project. The motel interior was given a clean and polished look, in contrast with the apartment block.
Early sketches from the project. Keeping them rough at this point to avoid finalising anything.
The original concepts I created for my story pitch at the start of the final year. The Hitman was always visualised being this shape and weight. The characters were later developed by Josh Cook.
Motel and Gas Station environment models.

Early concepts and colour schemes for the environment.

Smaller details from the exterior environment.

Animation scene final

Hope you guys like it

Sam and Dan

what do you think about this one

Also Fo Ferhan

On a break at the mo and I remembered I saw this little doozie last night, just in case mister Fuzzy didn't know bout this. peep it.

Fo- Ferhan

Dude I think your timing is pretty good, Origionally I imagined that he would screw the silencer on but I think the way you've done it works. The only gripe I really have is that once the arm that raises the rifle up reaches it's apex it just stays there in that position.

For one it's a perfect right angle so holding it for a prolonged time at that angle seems awkward.

In the screenie is how I set him up for a test I did when he connects the barrel, It looks more natural resting the rifle on his leg or something but I appreciate we probly can't do that with the rig. but maybe just angle it a little.

Other than the angle (of the rifle) and the stiffness in the rifle arm though I think it's good, I like the timing and the subtle movements on the fingers. The angle is nice too.

Feel free to ignore my input since it's already like a million times better than what I can do lol. That's just how I see it :P

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Animation test

Guys give me some feedback, rip it down if you want but just let me know bout the things that seems iffy or anything you like about it


Are you animating the walk on 8's eg - one step = 8 frames?

Thats what I am currently working on but just let me know when you read this. Thanks

Shot 1 - Animated

Guys .... I've done a version of shot 1... shall show you guys when I see you.
I'm.... kinda happy with it. But am moving on to the next shot I need to do.


Don't worry, sorted it :P

blah blah problems blah blah

Righto me and Sam are having a problem with the Hitman rig With the Rifle and Case. Trying to unparent the Briefcase from the hand. As far as I can tell it is parented to the Wrist bone but when I unparent it, it just makes a bone dissapear and stays parented.

I can use the seperate Hitman and Rifle files to do my shots, which I have been up till now. (Switched over to make things easier) but Sam needs the briefcase. Also the rifle I have is much higher scale and I'm worried about the size I scale it to not correlating with you guys.


Monday, 19 April 2010



remember lol .

Sound guy kai

( ignore website title )

but yea

keep in contact . !

yes he is my mate but i didnt make the story nor know where everything needs to be or go . taaaaaaalk to him

add him on facebook as well ( seach him via my friends )

mosey on over

Yo dudes I posted up a little problem I'm having keying frames with the Hitman yesterday, I posted it on my own blog by accident lol, just realised. When someone has a sec just mosey over there and see if you can decipher the problem.

I have a feeling it's something pretty simple like I need to toggle an option on/off but i dunno what it is and I couldn't google it so yeah... I'll do some tests for the ninja animation in the mean time.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Krispy Kremes

Again tomorrow - we sell doughnuts!!! we did well last term - lets try again!! lol


All Texturing to be finished for Friday April 30th! This should be an achievable goal, just under 2 weeks :)

Saturday, 17 April 2010


Is there a wrist rotation control? Trying to do the scope attachment shot and it's been a nightmare using the elbow control to get the hand at the right angle.

I can do it, it just takes like 8 times as long. If anyone has figured an easier way to manipulate the wrists just holla. I'll carry on as is for the moment.

Not a problem for me.

I've been messing about with the Hitman rig and just noticed that his belt buckle is not parented or combined with the main model, as a result when I parent it/ combine it, it doesn't move when I move the rest of the rig. I don't think you see it in any of my shots so it's no biggie.

Just wondered if you guys saw this and sorted it cos I know that Stu and Dan have it in their shots I think.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Later 2night/2mr ....

I plan to upload a file with the Hitman and the briefcase INCLUDING the gun... meaning you have everything you could possibly need for the first few shots.

To piece the gun together - put all the translates etc back 2 0 - should fix (to be confirmed though) then control but the Gun group in the outliner... to move the gun as a whole!

Hitman on the Adrive

I've put him in the 'from spencer' folder in my area .

Note .. i couldn’t edit the uvs on the model lol ... computer said no .. i haven’t a clue why, it just didn’t want to do it .. also something funky with the model is that the uvs on the editor vanished :S yet textures still show .. so yea .. DNT ASK.. Btw can you sort out the render thing on it again so it shows up , cant sort out the shaders till then .. Anyways, sm tweaking on Monday and then he is fini lol


Quick question, do we need to animate the character in the rooms where he is supposed to be or can we animate him in a new file then export the animatin over. Im probably going to start animating on monday when i am in uni

If you havent animated the hitman yet ...

Send me him so i can sort out his neck uvs and get all the shaders correct .. otherwise it’s gna have to wait till monday when I come in and all you will have atm is a color map .

SHOT 2 Opening pose

So we can finally animate the hitman. So far so good. No animation as of yet but ive got the starting pose of the dude

Thursday, 15 April 2010


Any chance of you uploading the hitman texture file(s) to the ADrive so we can have it ready for lighting etc in the animation - Stu is starting tomorrow as am I.


Dan, I've replied to your email.

on the drive

The hitman is on the drive any problems let me know. One problem is moving the left leg back the foot goes off on one but if you use the ball roll you can put it straight. Why it does this i dont know but its fixable in the rigg so it takes the problem away. Anything else let me know :)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Webby Sitey

Website is well under way now - its what I've been doing most the day ... but it's SLOWLY getting there.


- faces at the top are not yet added but Max should be doing them soon .... either way - project pages are happening - just need RR to publish and we got all films for our index page!!! Whack'd is our Temp one atm I put together as are the images - just coz I want something on there while we choose images. Images can be ANYTHING on the blog you've uploaded - as long as the BLOG exists - so will the image!

Ps i'm not keen on the gold locks.... lose them? someone else verify they look shite. lol
Just to let you know i'm gna finish off my PPD then continue with the room .. should be done v v v v soon hehe

Yo Dan

Is that finished rifle you were on about on monday on the adrive? If not jus lemme know when you upload it, I'll fiddle about with some other tests till then.

Quick Messages...

Josh - I've got the file now and started the texturing, the motel uv's are fine.

Spencer - Probably best if you UV the car in the separate file so I can import it later with my textures in the master file.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Briefcase is UV'd Stu...

The texture I'll obviously coz every1 else is guna b like WTF?! lol Either way you can animate now - IF ANY TEXTURES SPACK OUT STOP ANIMATING and let me know right away and I'll fix!

Nice and tidy Outliner as you can see there - deleted the inside so you can work with a LIGHTER file - I have UV'd the one with the crap in though so they will stay the same :)

Handle is the only thing that will budge on this one - the rest is all combined into one - you don't need it for the first shots anyway :p.

Also the latest file of room is on the ADrive - putting that on there in a mo.

Both in my folder. Also Stu - so I can animate my Shot can you put the Hitman (final rig) on the ADrive so I can start my animation. Cheers.... and are you going to be working in referencing of importing - if you reference you can literally click off the referenced file (eg the room) or I can reference your animation and render on my machine with all the room textures etc rather than going back and forth...

Hope thats cool.


Hey man, dunno if you have already, but could you upload the uv'd file to the adrive. If you have, which folder? Cheers


does this one look like the one that you liked?

Jiggles test 03

I Kinda lie this one, i may add more volume to it thou

Jiggles test 02

Jiggles test 01

Hitman... and Target

Are VERY different Sizes... :s
Hitman is scaleable... Just. Lol

Possible images for the website - altering the background though. ... maybe textured... not sure though.


I managed to get the hitman smoothed, ill post image below one what i cliked under the attributes of the Hitman


Ferhan - the stats for the hitman... things I changed were the tick boxes.

Everyone -

Stu - As mentioned yesterday - I WILL have a UV'd Briefcase for you for tomorrow morning for you to start animating the opening shots. Shall be put in my area on the A Drive. Its not there yet - but a version of the room is - put that yesterday. If you decide to scale the hitman to fit the room slightly better let me know - how much by and from what bone etc you scale him - PS before you say the final rig is finished - can you check down all the Curves and make sure they all move with the base / Main mover tool for the character - I struggled to move him round in a scene earlier .... and I know he wasn't finished :p just saying lol.

Ps does your hitman smooth and render - for some reason I can't get a smooth render but it might have been after yesterdays clicking marathon trying to fix the invisible man.

Ferhan - hows the jiggle coming along on the Target hair? Lets see some playblasts at some point?

And finally - we coming in Wednesday or Thursday or neither?
Can do either - what would everyone prefer - decide below :p

Ta, Dan

Just a quick question!

Is the knife throwing shot in slow mo, because the knife moves pretty damn slow. I need to know for the music!


I was attempting to create a new ... quick poster for the website but then for some reason - I can't smooth the hitman. I don't know if its just something I was clicking around on yesterday which fucked him up - if anyone else can smooth him would be nice to know lol. Thanks Ps what you think - or do you think we should have a title on there (ps this was straight out of Maya so I havn't added it anyway yet)

Monday, 12 April 2010

No Country for Old Men

Take notice of the light, shadow and shot composition in this scene. The Coen Brothers do a great job in creating the tension and mood. Watch in 480p for high Q.

preview for Hitman

bare in mind this model ( the body ) wasn’t in any layers, so i've put the head and grey vest as another shader .


proper simple render like i said, nothing special here for these previews . save anything fancy till it's finished
Ignore the lighting lol .. srs haha i threw it together just for this

yea a lot of objects done , plenty more to do. Cant really see it all in these screens as i cant get a shot that compliments it at all

everything in here is uv'd , it's just a matter of texturing it all now and sorting the shaders, which doesn’t take as long (sometimes) lol . anyways much to do .. *carries on working*

22 objects done, not many more to go then i can focus on putting some detail into it and change some colors etc !

Sunday, 11 April 2010


are we in tmoz ?

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Updated Rig

Hey guys heres the updated rig. Extra features include:
- "clench" attribute on hands
- weights sorted on wrist so that there is twisting
- twist control for hand
- IK/FK switch (controlled by main controller)

things not done:
- shoulder control


Right guys, im gunna call it a day or two coming down with flu. Hope this takes care of most of it, if u find any problems lemmie know and i'll see what I can do. Cheers,


Clym - Rigging Problems

Hey Clym,
With the lack of arm movement on the last rig, we need one with more movement in the upper body. The character is mostly sitting down so arm, chest, head and neck are very important but we do need legs and feet also. Don't know how you feel about building it again from almost the ground up. If it's a problem or it's going to take a while, let us know and we might have to arrange something else. I also noticed some holes in the mesh where the head and hands have been re-attached. The blendshapes and what you have done is fine, I think it's the squash and stretch that is causing the most problems so leave it out if you start again. The list below covers everything we need on the rig:

- Keep blendshapes, they are fine (and the facial window obviously)
- DONT include body squash and stretch
- Add wrist twist and arm twist
- FK arm set up with IK leg set up
- Neck twist allowing head control
- Spread and clench on hands, thumb rotation and the original finger by finger
- Foot toe curl and ball roll, positive and neg
- Two Shoulder up, down and rotate
- Hip pivot like you have done
- Control for chest, separate from the shoulders

Let us know how you feel about it.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Rig Finally Finished!!!

Hey guys! all done! :D so features include:
- IK arms + legs
- Feet with over 5 controls
- Finger controls
- squash and stretch on the torso
- seperate controls for the waist and upper torso area
- FULL facial control which includes;
- over 14 blendshapes
- 3 extra blendshapes (1 has joints for jaw, 1 has joints for eyelids, 1 has joints for lips)
- control for, cheeks, eyelids, eyebrows, lips, jaw, smiles and puckering!
- Smooth node on Main control which smooths everything down
- Eye control (with indervidual eye controls)
think that covers most of it :) I've uploaded a vid to youtube which quickly shows the features of the whole body, then the mouth controls.


UPDATED UPLOAD (with head control)


Let me know what you guys think

Rig Progress (target)

Hey guys, well below is a quick preview of all the blendshapes (right) and the control box (left) that control the blendshapes. Tomorrow I will create an expression that will sort out the connections between blendshapes and the controls

There's 11 blendshapes, and 3 extra ones.
one of those extra ones control the jaw movement (joint)
one controls the eye lids (joints)
and the third controls the lip movements (extra control)

I'll upload the final rig tomorrow so you guys can check it out and hopefully I'll be able tolive again! lol

Thursday, 8 April 2010


right once ive finished doing this .. ill be uploading TONS of stuff for my blog .in the meantime im finishing this room

& i can tell you

it looks sexy :)

Ohhhh Teaser


Was trying out a bit of the smoke trail from behind the bullet.

Degree Show Meeting

Dan, let me know how it goes.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Fuzzio + Stu

Fuzz - Please upload BoomBox and TV you made please to the TODAN folder or your folder on the ADrive sometime tomorrow. CHEERS matey.

And Stu - thanks for the Dragnov file and the Briefcase... will work on them tomorrow!

Clym -Just a heads up - POST DELETED - FIGURED IT OUT

Target Rig...

Sup guys...well after lots of wrestling and almost insane amounts of bashing my head against a wall....ive managed to pull something outa the hat.
Here's a link to what i've done so far...everything is done except for:
- head controls
- finger controls (only the thumb and finger 1 havebeen done so far)

hope you enjoy, and if anyone wants to sort the fingers out - more than welcome! that's it for today and most of tomorrow (lessons all day) will continue later tomorrow. Time for a sauna to revive my senses that I lost :P


Which of the textures have you done - for which characters I mean - I might give the other ones a crack - mind you I've never textured character before. lol.

Also - you havn't UV'd the Rifle or Hitman's briefcase correct - I'll do that if you havn't.


Dodgie Textures

I've been texturing the last few days and I'm not really happy with it. Not really looking the way I want it to. Been stressing over it today as the results arn't looking good. Give me some feedback or tips if you have any. Think I'm going to work on my animation shots for the rest of the day and practise.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


i've just encounted a problem with scaling the whole rig, is this going to be a problem? or is the default size going to be ok?? let me know, if its not then I'll leave it , if so then i'll sort it outtt (may take timee)

cheers guys and sorry for the delayness


Sam and I were thinking who would be best for each shot... we tried to dish them out evenly as well as what we think you are all capable of - Lewis can give you more/less depending on Pirates.

Stu – 14 Shots
Dan – 9 Shots
Sam – 7 Shots
Ferhan – 5 Shots
Josh - 4 Shots
Spencer - 4 Shots
Lewis - 4 Shots

1. Black – open door – silhouette
Stu 2. Low angle walk to past (hallway)
3. NAME? ‘In association with JC and SB’
Stu 4. Low angle walk to table ready to lift briefcase.
Dan 5. High angle Fan shot – Case on table and open
6. NAME? ‘With FK and SH’
Sam 7. Close up on inside case as hitman picks up parts.
Josh 8. Main attachment of gun put together
Ferhan 9. Silencer Screw on – close up
Josh 10. Scope attachment - close up
11. NAME? ‘Music by LT’
Dan 12. Close up of Face out of window.
Sam 13. Motel scan around through wooden boards - POV
14. NAME? ‘Directed by SS and DS’
Stu 15. BEV above gun TITLE integrated behind.
Ferhan 16. Prepare to look down scope – eye in scope.
Sam 17. POV Scope scan around and flick in zoom in on target in chair.
Stu 18. Over the shoulder of chair at TV – News Report – Pan round as Chinese goes down and bottle goes up. Pan 120 degrees Clockwise and drink bottle.
Spencer 19. Mid shot of hitman with gun ready – safety off (possibly)
Dan 20. Trigger finger close up – suspense
Lewis 21. Bullet through chair back. Target sniff (if possible). Target drink after a moment. Rain of bullets. 1 hit can/bottle in hand – 1 hit bottle to side.
Lewis 22. Target spits out drink. Turns to window. Doesn’t see him.
Stu 23. Jumps behind chair. Hides behind it before peeking up and more bullets go over his head.
Spencer 24. Hitman looks without scope – start in scope end out of scope with sneer on face.
Stu 25. Looking towards window target crawls hurriedly to window.
Dan 26. Against wall – target edges towards window – begins to look round. More bullets in. Target hides again against wall and slides down wall.
Dan 27. Hitman turns and puts his back against wall. Reloads rifle – camera pans through the wall and shows target crouched immediately after wall thickness. (FAKE SHOT)
Sam 28. High angle out of focus blind cord with target on floor below. Target looks up and focus changes. Reaches up.
Josh 29. Scope POV – blinds drop and bounce.
Stu 30. Target still on floor – twists cord for angle of blinds
Ferhan 31. Apartment window from outside – hitman grunts (distressed) and throws down his rifle. Leaves.
Spencer 32. Side view of target – crouching looking through blinds.
Stu 33. Hitman crossing road – He passes camera and camera raises up to gun level shooting.
Lewis 34. Target jumps back from window and backs away from door.
Dan 35. Shot on door – pause for sound of footsteps. Hitman crashes through door Low angle shot. Raises gun.
Ferhan 36. Target raises arms and backs away past the TV – Hitman steps forward at same time.(UNSURE ON CAMERA)
Spencer 37. Close up on gun – Click – out of bullets.
Lewis 38. Surprised close up of Hitman's face.
Stu 39. Hitman throws knife from jacket pocket and follows knife into Knife slow-mo past far side of target.
Stu 40. Hitman walks forwards, reloads pistol and cocks it – points to target.
Sam 41. Targets reaction close up – turns face away from hitman (and ninja mountain).
Dan 42. Close up of gun – swing to light switch flick on.
Lewis 43. Target opens eyes and pats down body in disbelief – looks down side of arm and sees ‘Ninja Mountain’
Sam 44. Close up of Ninja Mountain to fast zoom out to reveal large bullet count
Stu 45. Target grabs Hitman leg for protection.
Stu 46. Hitman drags out target clinging on by leg.
Dan 47. Over Hitman shoulder ninja party outside motel – look left and look right.
Josh 48. Ninja Details – Cracking fists
Ferhan 49. Ninja Details - Neck crack (Smith from Matrix)
Sam 50. Ninja Details – Lamp post sword drawn
Stu 51. Hitman medium shot – slumped shoulders growl and sigh – target hides.
All 52. End Credits – Music


Yo, what was it you were after, you didnt make it quite clear in the other post?-

Monday, 5 April 2010


Hi guys,

I'm having an issue when importing textures using a psd network. I create the textures on the uv map and import it in but they show up pixelated as if they are way too small, which they arn't. Don't know if there's a setting for changing the size of the textures etc. If anyone knows let me know. Cheers.