Friday, 16 April 2010


Quick question, do we need to animate the character in the rooms where he is supposed to be or can we animate him in a new file then export the animatin over. Im probably going to start animating on monday when i am in uni


  1. depends what shot it is really - best to animate within an environment - or at least the key objects that are IN the environment.

    What I have done for mine - on my blog. open the environment file (obviously download first if you don't have it)
    Think about your shot - eg what you will need (eg gun) - what position he will be in etc. From here export the objects being used eg Shot 1 - the door for me - save them as a new file.... (shot1-Objects)
    Open the hitman rigg file and REFERENCE the newly exported file (of the door/objects used in the scene) This will now tell you EXACTLY where your character will need to be in relation to the scene you will later import him into.....
    basically in this file do your animation with nothing but your key props etc and then turn off the reference and save it.... you can now use this as an importable version of your animation - AND you have your animation on its own.

    I am currently testing this so I'm NOT ACTUALLY sure if this works - but my theory seems pretty solid in my head :p lol

    then again you can just use the rig in the scene file and animate in there - higher chance of crashes however you have everything at your fingertips.

  2. just tested it... yeh it works.... its on my blog (ps I changed the default lambert 1 to checker... so thats why hes chessboard-style :p