Tuesday, 20 April 2010

blah blah problems blah blah

Righto me and Sam are having a problem with the Hitman rig With the Rifle and Case. Trying to unparent the Briefcase from the hand. As far as I can tell it is parented to the Wrist bone but when I unparent it, it just makes a bone dissapear and stays parented.

I can use the seperate Hitman and Rifle files to do my shots, which I have been up till now. (Switched over to make things easier) but Sam needs the briefcase. Also the rifle I have is much higher scale and I'm worried about the size I scale it to not correlating with you guys.


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  1. can render out the hitman - and then composite into the scene file.

    Also I'm adding a hitman without the parented briefcase for you guys - Briefcase is still attached... you should be using the hypergraph/outliner.
    All you literally had to do - select part of the briefcase-should be in the outliner as GunCase now - (press F to Focus on this area and it will guide you right to it in the outliner)
    Drag the 'Guncase' down allllllll the way to the bottom - this will now move seperately - and this is what you are playing with. for your animation.
    In GUNCASE - select either Briefcase LID (blue at the v bottom) - only rotate this and the handle on the briefcase ... the most of the rest should not be touched!!
    or RIFLE GROUP (White square as a group) - to drag the whole rifle out.
    In Rifle Group - you have the different attachments for each of you
    - eg scope attachment
    Gun Main
    these you select to rotate these areas and animate with - if you 0,0,0 all of these in the channel box (Translate, Rotate etc) you will make a gun (I hope) To move the entire gun as a whole - again select the RIFLE GROUP from the hyper graph.

    ... I will upload a new hitman with a briefcase OPEN for you check back in 10 ... to move it.... select either the GunCase... or to move areas of the gun - select the geometry of your object eg (part of the scope) and press F in the outliner - taking you to the correct place and correct GROUP.