Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Briefcase is UV'd Stu...

The texture I'll obviously coz every1 else is guna b like WTF?! lol Either way you can animate now - IF ANY TEXTURES SPACK OUT STOP ANIMATING and let me know right away and I'll fix!

Nice and tidy Outliner as you can see there - deleted the inside so you can work with a LIGHTER file - I have UV'd the one with the crap in though so they will stay the same :)

Handle is the only thing that will budge on this one - the rest is all combined into one - you don't need it for the first shots anyway :p.

Also the latest file of room is on the ADrive - putting that on there in a mo.

Both in my folder. Also Stu - so I can animate my Shot can you put the Hitman (final rig) on the ADrive so I can start my animation. Cheers.... and are you going to be working in referencing of importing - if you reference you can literally click off the referenced file (eg the room) or I can reference your animation and render on my machine with all the room textures etc rather than going back and forth...

Hope thats cool.

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