Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Everyone -

Stu - As mentioned yesterday - I WILL have a UV'd Briefcase for you for tomorrow morning for you to start animating the opening shots. Shall be put in my area on the A Drive. Its not there yet - but a version of the room is - put that yesterday. If you decide to scale the hitman to fit the room slightly better let me know - how much by and from what bone etc you scale him - PS before you say the final rig is finished - can you check down all the Curves and make sure they all move with the base / Main mover tool for the character - I struggled to move him round in a scene earlier .... and I know he wasn't finished :p just saying lol.

Ps does your hitman smooth and render - for some reason I can't get a smooth render but it might have been after yesterdays clicking marathon trying to fix the invisible man.

Ferhan - hows the jiggle coming along on the Target hair? Lets see some playblasts at some point?

And finally - we coming in Wednesday or Thursday or neither?
Can do either - what would everyone prefer - decide below :p

Ta, Dan


  1. The file you gave me of the target, is that the final final version?. and PS i ticked all the boxes that you showed in the above post and i still cant see the Hitman

  2. lol - glad u fixed the hitman :p.
    Erm.... I ... Think so - check his Arse crease is relatively straight (Belt line) when he sits down (swing the 4 arrow circle round to seated positing) and check arms don't deform with the wrist (I did fix both of these) should be on IK for the legs and FK for the arms - Other than that Just check it all works ... :p

  3. and check the UVs don't deform of spac out when you move anything ....

  4. yeah i managed to get a smooth render of the hitman and ill attatch him to the base