Saturday, 24 April 2010


Hi guys, I thought I'd lay down the score (pun) about what's been going on with the music. I know Sam wanted a very Harry Gregson Williams style song for the action sequence. That has proven to be a bit of a problem, as my keyboard is extremely limited (it was dead cheap) and Harry uses a huge library of effects to get his sounds. After I couldn't do that I tried something a little heavier and more pumping, i.e Motorhead inspired. Halfway through recording the song I decided to play it alongside the animatic, it was way tooo heavy, it did not suit the tone of the film at all, it made the hitman seem like a demon or something. Looking hard 50's style and tone of movie, and keeping with the musical stylings of the previous recordings I have made for the movie, I have decided to go for a 50's surf style inspired by the guitar legend Dick Dale.

Dick Dale is most famous for his 1962 song 'Misirlou', which most people will know as the theme from the movie 'Pulp Fiction'. What I will do is take this style of high energy music and mix it with some orchestral sounds and synth sounds to see what I can come out with. I have already written the track, it is now just a case of recording it.

Let me know if this idea sits with what you guys want for the movie before I start recording.


  1. Lol It's gonna be like a Tarantino flick.

    I like the idea dude, looking forward to where your going with it.

  2. Lol just a thought, please do an intro like `I walk on guilded Splinters` Dr Johns version.

    Off Gris Gris if you can find it, I couldn't find the right version on youtube. the intro just made me think of the Hitman lol. It's like `Some people think they Jive me, but I know they must be crazy, don't see their misfortune...` Plus there are bongos in there.

  3. sounds good mate, love the pulp fiction theme anyway.

  4. yeh man.. i trust you from what you've produced for the team so far... don't forget we got a few moments where it slows down though. - brief moment before the hitman bursts into the motel with the anticipation and then the knife throw.... hope you got something in mind! lol

  5. Ok guys, I've recorded the guitar, now I've got to jazz it up a bit. BtwJosh, I didn't know you liked Dr John? Your impecible taste in music amazes me again!