Monday, 26 April 2010


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  1. tbh I'm not sure the shot is working atm due to the rigs shoulder limitations - the perspective on the Gun and the Hitman looks a lil off - it still looks as though the gun is quite far back behind the hitman... and it doesn't look as though he's looking down the scope. The right arm is also not quite right - its impossible to move the forearm up to the elbow in the way you have done it without having any shoulder movement... but this doesn't really matter coz I think the hitmans Right arm would go more alongside the gun and the wrist would be bent.... rather than the elbow which is where yours is coming from atm. They are my main probs with it but again well done for trying.

    I suggest we'll work though this issue together Wednesday/Thursday - If Yaniv comes up trumps :p move on to another shot for now I'd say - Don't bin this ... keep it as a back up as always.