Friday, 9 April 2010

Rig Finally Finished!!!

Hey guys! all done! :D so features include:
- IK arms + legs
- Feet with over 5 controls
- Finger controls
- squash and stretch on the torso
- seperate controls for the waist and upper torso area
- FULL facial control which includes;
- over 14 blendshapes
- 3 extra blendshapes (1 has joints for jaw, 1 has joints for eyelids, 1 has joints for lips)
- control for, cheeks, eyelids, eyebrows, lips, jaw, smiles and puckering!
- Smooth node on Main control which smooths everything down
- Eye control (with indervidual eye controls)
think that covers most of it :) I've uploaded a vid to youtube which quickly shows the features of the whole body, then the mouth controls.


UPDATED UPLOAD (with head control)


Let me know what you guys think


  1. looks having a play now...any way in which we can twist the wrists?

  2. and the neck... so he can look right without turning the body?

  3. Heyy buddy, edited this post with the new uploaded file (head control added) and yeh i tried to do twist with some funky stuff but found that a load of stuff was messed up and couldn't get to the bottom of it after a few days of work so had to remove it unfortunately. Its why it only has IK and not FK+IK controls, sorry hope it doesn't affect it too much

  4. ok mate thats cool - I'll see if I can have a quick play over the weekend and figure it out ... with my limited knowledge lol seriously nice what youve done tho - weights look awesome (i cant paint them for shit :P)

  5. clym, is there any chance of doing some finger splits in there too? What you've done so far is really good. Shame about the twist wrist.

  6. is it just my version of does the neck run away from the body now the head rotation is on? :s

  7. ...and some of the weights have gone crazy with his arms lol! clym could you fix by ... wednesday/thursday? only we REALLY need the character as you know lol.....
    twisty wrists would also be a MAJOR plus as well as a finger spread - I think thats what Sam was on about :p and the neck working fully obviously. lol
    We might be able to stretch to the end of the week but after that we have to start animating lol

  8. Hey guys, updated this post with another new link :P
    i fixed the head so all the weights are fine noww and the head moves with the new Head Control.
    Also spread on the fingers added. Enjoy

  9. Also, unforunately having the twist won't work cos I dont know how to do it effectively yet. I'd have to strip down to the bones again and pretty start ground up. I had to remove the previous one cos it messed up the weights BAD. Sorry :(