Friday, 9 April 2010

Rig Progress (target)

Hey guys, well below is a quick preview of all the blendshapes (right) and the control box (left) that control the blendshapes. Tomorrow I will create an expression that will sort out the connections between blendshapes and the controls

There's 11 blendshapes, and 3 extra ones.
one of those extra ones control the jaw movement (joint)
one controls the eye lids (joints)
and the third controls the lip movements (extra control)

I'll upload the final rig tomorrow so you guys can check it out and hopefully I'll be able tolive again! lol


  1. Mate.... you've done really well here - seriously love your work so far just keep it up for now. You must have been flat out doing those blendshapes but thanks for meeting the deadline (even if we did move it set it to Friday. If your in be sure to pop up to our room - if not yeh drop it on a file share site again like before.