Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Sam and I were thinking who would be best for each shot... we tried to dish them out evenly as well as what we think you are all capable of - Lewis can give you more/less depending on Pirates.

Stu – 14 Shots
Dan – 9 Shots
Sam – 7 Shots
Ferhan – 5 Shots
Josh - 4 Shots
Spencer - 4 Shots
Lewis - 4 Shots

1. Black – open door – silhouette
Stu 2. Low angle walk to past (hallway)
3. NAME? ‘In association with JC and SB’
Stu 4. Low angle walk to table ready to lift briefcase.
Dan 5. High angle Fan shot – Case on table and open
6. NAME? ‘With FK and SH’
Sam 7. Close up on inside case as hitman picks up parts.
Josh 8. Main attachment of gun put together
Ferhan 9. Silencer Screw on – close up
Josh 10. Scope attachment - close up
11. NAME? ‘Music by LT’
Dan 12. Close up of Face out of window.
Sam 13. Motel scan around through wooden boards - POV
14. NAME? ‘Directed by SS and DS’
Stu 15. BEV above gun TITLE integrated behind.
Ferhan 16. Prepare to look down scope – eye in scope.
Sam 17. POV Scope scan around and flick in zoom in on target in chair.
Stu 18. Over the shoulder of chair at TV – News Report – Pan round as Chinese goes down and bottle goes up. Pan 120 degrees Clockwise and drink bottle.
Spencer 19. Mid shot of hitman with gun ready – safety off (possibly)
Dan 20. Trigger finger close up – suspense
Lewis 21. Bullet through chair back. Target sniff (if possible). Target drink after a moment. Rain of bullets. 1 hit can/bottle in hand – 1 hit bottle to side.
Lewis 22. Target spits out drink. Turns to window. Doesn’t see him.
Stu 23. Jumps behind chair. Hides behind it before peeking up and more bullets go over his head.
Spencer 24. Hitman looks without scope – start in scope end out of scope with sneer on face.
Stu 25. Looking towards window target crawls hurriedly to window.
Dan 26. Against wall – target edges towards window – begins to look round. More bullets in. Target hides again against wall and slides down wall.
Dan 27. Hitman turns and puts his back against wall. Reloads rifle – camera pans through the wall and shows target crouched immediately after wall thickness. (FAKE SHOT)
Sam 28. High angle out of focus blind cord with target on floor below. Target looks up and focus changes. Reaches up.
Josh 29. Scope POV – blinds drop and bounce.
Stu 30. Target still on floor – twists cord for angle of blinds
Ferhan 31. Apartment window from outside – hitman grunts (distressed) and throws down his rifle. Leaves.
Spencer 32. Side view of target – crouching looking through blinds.
Stu 33. Hitman crossing road – He passes camera and camera raises up to gun level shooting.
Lewis 34. Target jumps back from window and backs away from door.
Dan 35. Shot on door – pause for sound of footsteps. Hitman crashes through door Low angle shot. Raises gun.
Ferhan 36. Target raises arms and backs away past the TV – Hitman steps forward at same time.(UNSURE ON CAMERA)
Spencer 37. Close up on gun – Click – out of bullets.
Lewis 38. Surprised close up of Hitman's face.
Stu 39. Hitman throws knife from jacket pocket and follows knife into Knife slow-mo past far side of target.
Stu 40. Hitman walks forwards, reloads pistol and cocks it – points to target.
Sam 41. Targets reaction close up – turns face away from hitman (and ninja mountain).
Dan 42. Close up of gun – swing to light switch flick on.
Lewis 43. Target opens eyes and pats down body in disbelief – looks down side of arm and sees ‘Ninja Mountain’
Sam 44. Close up of Ninja Mountain to fast zoom out to reveal large bullet count
Stu 45. Target grabs Hitman leg for protection.
Stu 46. Hitman drags out target clinging on by leg.
Dan 47. Over Hitman shoulder ninja party outside motel – look left and look right.
Josh 48. Ninja Details – Cracking fists
Ferhan 49. Ninja Details - Neck crack (Smith from Matrix)
Sam 50. Ninja Details – Lamp post sword drawn
Stu 51. Hitman medium shot – slumped shoulders growl and sigh – target hides.
All 52. End Credits – Music


  1. cool beans. Will get cracking soon as i can. Any news of the target rigg?

  2. spoke to Clym today - he'll have the rig done by Friday mid-day (lunchish) so thats all cool. As for textures - not sure... think Spencer has done Hitman... not sure about the target as of yet... Sam??? lol

  3. Target is currently being skinned...then muscles added to certain deformation areas, then facial stuff sorted out. :)

  4. there are no blendshapes done for the ninjar no?
    If not its then ready to be skinned and weighted

  5. any probs and we can switch people around

  6. Ninja doesn't need blend shapes, I have the UV'd Ninja whenever it's needed.

  7. Yo Josh send over the uvd ninja please

  8. Stu - once you've finished weighting can you send me the hitman rigged and weighted - will put him into a Pose for the STL file (3D models)

  9. You gave me some good ones!

  10. Yo stu ive done the blendshapes and ive sent it over to you. One thing i did notice though i cant seem to get his arm in a original position becuas most of the rotate and translate x-axis is locked off with this new rig. I dont know maybe i need you to show me but have a go with it