Monday, 19 April 2010



remember lol .

Sound guy kai

( ignore website title )

but yea

keep in contact . !

yes he is my mate but i didnt make the story nor know where everything needs to be or go . taaaaaaalk to him

add him on facebook as well ( seach him via my friends )


  1. awesome thanks spence, yer i just need all your thoughts on sound so i can get started asap. all the work has compiled together for me to now be concentrated throughout may so im hoping to get proper stuck in to everything.

    send me over all the info on sound you guys can give me. do you want music sorted by me as well? is it just sfx?

    moods would be a good one to express also :)

  2. Hey Kai,
    Good to have you on board - we need all the sound effects but I think Lewis Taylor is doing the music backing track at the moment. If you find yourself with nothing to do feel free to have a crack at the backing track but obviously we need these to start off with for the opening scene.

    Background info-
    Our Hitman - character is a fairly heavy guy because he's built - so might be useful to take into consideration when getting footsteps for him.

    Footsteps on wood (Muffled - on the otherside of the door)
    Door unlocked (Muffled - other side of door)
    Wooden door opening - and lightly tapping the stopper on the floor
    Footsteps on carpet - but old creaky floorboards underneath - its a run down apartment.
    Footsteps stopping to a standstill
    Metal Briefcase on wooden table
    Briefcase opening
    Fan wurring round below camera - from the animatic you'll see the shot.
    Gun attachment - Silencer being screwed on
    Gun attachment - Scope being slid on - metal on metal obviously
    Whole gun being picked up.
    Breathing when looking through scope

    Thats the opening scene for now -
    Heres a few more off the top of my head -
    Blinds being pulled down
    Blinds be twisted frantically - with a slight squeek every now and again.
    Silenced gun shots going fabric (a chair)
    Silenced gun shot going through a can of beer.
    Bullets hitting a wall.
    Bullets going through Glass - + Shatter.... Need to discuss with Sam on this one though
    Beer leaking out of a can ... glug glug glug kinda thing.
    Target spitting out beer - spraying out more than spit.
    Target climbing/jumping over chair
    Door being smashed through - shoulder barge almost (almost off hinges so powerful)
    Hitman (heavy) increasing speed footsteps on concrete
    Knife being thrown slow motion past targets face

    Thats all I can think of right now... lol I'll add a new list probably next week for you.

  3. sorry - I'm Dan btw... didn't sign it lol

  4. sweet man thanks a lot. im perfectly fine with musical score being done by someone else as it does free up my workload a bit to focus more on the meat of the sfx. will get to work on this asap. i have copied all this down and im looking forward to getting started. you able to email me the latest version of the animation?

  5. have to speak to Sam about that one - hes got the latest animatic (its stills but if you read it with the shot list it should make sense - shot list should be at ) - I'll get him on it. can you leave your e-mail address and then I'll point him in this direction via text.

    Can we get your blog address on here so you can Post? need your e-mail you use to access the blog?

  6. I'll send it to tomorrow - Sam only has a MASSIVE file so I'll grab it off him and compress and send on. - e-mail address please.