Saturday, 10 April 2010

Updated Rig

Hey guys heres the updated rig. Extra features include:
- "clench" attribute on hands
- weights sorted on wrist so that there is twisting
- twist control for hand
- IK/FK switch (controlled by main controller)

things not done:
- shoulder control


Right guys, im gunna call it a day or two coming down with flu. Hope this takes care of most of it, if u find any problems lemmie know and i'll see what I can do. Cheers,



  1. Dude I havn't even looked at the rig myself...been UVing fo like...10 hours.

    Anyway I havn't looked at it but just wanted to say thanks for being so quick to fix problems the others where having with it. You've been a real proffesional about it.

  2. Clym.... first and foremost - thank you for all the efforts you've put in for our project - you will definitely get a mention in the credits - I'll make sure of that lol. Secondly - I apologise if I seemed a little quick to fire off problems with the rig - as Josh mentioned you really have been a total professional about it all and done a quality job. Thirdly and finally the latest version - personally I am very happy with so another big thank you for that - I really think that this is something we can work with for our film and we really would have been lost without you. If you wish to animate on it I'm sure we could find a shot or two to get your name in the credits for a second tim -J ust drop any of us a line (I say this as I know you've been in touch with other project directors from the 3rd year so probably have something lined up already) - either way you'll stay on the blog list obviously so just leave a message for us or e-mail
    Feel free to drop in Monday or anytime in the future.
    Thanks again,

  3. Hey guys cheers for the feedback - really appreciate it!! no problem, that's what i'm here for lol cheers for being honest! Yeh i'd love to have a go at animating some shots, although yes you're quite correct in thinking i am animating for the pirates, and sarahs project too but i should be able to start working on a shot next week? lemmie know what you think
    cheeerss :D