Tuesday, 11 May 2010

add this to my page on the website plz dan ! it's in order

This is an album cover currently under construction for my own band ‘Subversion‘ entitled Lest We Forget, which is a concept album covering all aspects of warfare. The colour scheme is not final.

One of many Splay concepts to help direct the mood and feel of Splay, as it went through many pre-production changes .

One of splays very first pre-production concepts

This concept was created to help aid the splay team, to whether or not this particular shot would work.

One of my traditional based paintings done on Photoshop with a Cintiq 12wx

Cloud concept to help aid Splay with the ‘epic’ cloud feel it was going to have during early pre-production stages

4 Textured objects for Whack’d . No additional render passes added .


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Contact details;

email : p.povey2@btinternet.com

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