Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Shot 20 and Shot 16

Shot 20 is above...

Shot 16 is below... I hope

Comments on all please.... be gentle...
Just watching it over - shot 20 seems a lil slow atm ... bt can be sped up in post.


  1. Shot 20 I think the speed is ok it's just too much time before his finger actually touches the trigger, maybe shave off the first second and see what it looks like?

    16 looks better with the arm further down the gun :)

  2. You commented the same as what Sam said - shave 1st second or so off shot 20.
    Shot 16 you think I should slide the arm down - or your saying its good now - I'll change it if I have time at the end.
    Cheers tho!

  3. Whoops I completely overlooked this comment, sorry. Yeah I meant it looks good as it is :)

  4. I love this man, the timing is great. Wanna do some animation for pirates! :) he he