Sunday, 23 May 2010

Shot 45

Yo in shots to render folder on A-Drive I found shot 45. But the target doesn't grab the Hitmans leg in this one, so is it finished? If so then I will import the animation to the room and try and set up an occlusion of it this evening.

I'll check back later.


  1. I'm pretty sure Stu has done this one.... and he grabs his leg. wouldn't render it ... just in case - but if you could.... wouldn't do any harm - also lock off the cameras - in the channel box 'lock' attributes or something instead of keying them so that we can't move the camera and change the angle .. coz i SO know I would lol

  2. lol ok, I'll do an occlusion of it in a bit then...hmmm I just thought of something though, In this shot don't we see a little bit of the ninja body pile in the foreground? That shot isn't done yet.

    I'll render it from a suitable angle and we can composite it I guess.

    I've been restricted to occlusions this weekend since the textures are just giving me grief so I'll be playing catch up in college the next couple days.

    Bah it's too hot to be using my brain.