Thursday, 6 May 2010

shout out

Yo just another quick shout-out regarding the handgun with the ammo clip? Asked aboot it yesterday but nobody seems to know where it is. I don't want to make another one only to have the other one turn up later :P

I figure Stu you probably have it so just whack it on the Adrive or e-mail it to me so I can add it in to my shot and finally put the old stamp of approval on that bad boi.

Heard about the troubles with the Target rig as well and since I've already done my shot with it I was freakin out, however I don't use the eyes in that shot since they only come into shot in the last second. So I can probably take the new eyes and plonk them in there without too much trouble.

I'm gonna be in on Monday to show my face so I guess I'll quiz Mu li on that and try and sort it. In the meantime I'm gonna try and play around with the ninja rig for my next shots.


  1. sounds good mate. hopefully someone will know where the clip has gone, if not, might have to make a new one.

  2. Go easy on the ninja rig - I did him... sorry lol

  3. lol will do mate, I'll move the rig controls with the gentility of a feather. I'll give him a little pillow as well so he can chill.

  4. yeah i got it on me somewhere. Ill probs have to bring it in on monday cos i doubt ill have my internet up and running before then.

    P.s. im doing this before i lose the net lol

  5. the magazine is on the adrive...its in my folder and its called handgun magazine and thats all it is so just import it into ur scene. It will probably need scaling too just to warn you. Ill hand over the textures on monday for the handgun

  6. ah, fine job sir. I shall grab that tomorrow. Good luck with the move, unless you've done it already. In which case hope it went well.