Wednesday, 26 May 2010


...The tweaks you've done... I'm starting to think that they are VERY grey and unsaturated - when starting out this film we had BRIGHT concept designs and bright BOLD colours... and during your grading ... its starting to look a bit like a zombie film... The lighting I did in shot 4 (above the Fan) was really bold originally ... and now its so grey with so many overlays the lighting through the slats is almost invisible... any chance you could tone down the shots and overlays by about half - almost 3/4 in some.... i thought it was just going to be the first few shots that were dark to set the mood not the whole film to create the suspense of the hitman ... and then lighten up with the target in his boxers.

This is just my opinion atm... I tried to ring Sam but no answer... he may like it *shrug* if so... keep on going with it but my feeling is that it seems to be heading in the wrong direction for my liking.

Dan Dalli was impressed by the original table shot... but with the filters on it and overlays its looking flatter and flatter and I can see him making the face of :s... which is what I did when I first saw it tbh but I was waiting to see if it grew on me.

A few more shots down the line... and a DAY before deadline (I know and sorry) we can still hand in your version for submission if you want to keep what you've done so far but I was wondering if you could do a brighter version as well - keep us ALL happy :p
If not... I'll do another version of grading in another file for our submission.

Again... just my thoughts... I know you like how its turning out... which is why I don't want you to get pissed off with this but I had to see how far you were taking it... and I think its a bit too far personally.

Let me know your thoughts on the matter.


  1. I do agree with dan on the matter, needs to be toned down, just due to the loss of depth to the film. Some of the colour is also missing which is there to contrast the darker areas. I've only noticed it more since the outside shots were graded.

  2. lol you and your outside shots!

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  4. GRr man .. seriously .. why did you two not bother pointing this out to me while i was making this .. I kept on at BOTH of you " do you like this " " does this work "

    each and every time you both very " yea man looks great "

    literally wasted my & effectively the films time by not being upfront about it . If you didn’t like it i would have changed it there and then . Now its too late,nice .

  5. I’ll neaten and change w/e needs doing tomorrow, But for the love of all things mighty tell me what you want or not with an honest opinion, otherwise how am I to know if it's right or wrong . Rant over . see you tmoz .