Thursday, 13 May 2010

This is meant to scare you

Ok.... we have under two weeks NOW until we hand in all our work for our BA Hons ANIMATION Degree - the rest is for the degree show.

MAYBE this will mean ppl will be staying late, setting renders off or compositing a little more rather than leaving it all to myself. Thanks for all the hard work ppls.... but we gotta churn MORE out in these TWO weeks than we have all year - we got to RENDER pretty much EVERYTHIING and god knows I'm not going to set up 50 renders on Vanguard alone - Sam - if you want this finished - get nominating - we need a 'Simon' to SEND off renders and to check they come out but we still need all animation shots DONE.

Keep it up.... and have a think - if your not doing all you can.... DO MORE! lol

Ps... Ferhan and I got a cheeky pizza today... it was goooood!


  1. Aie deffo, I’m gna be doing the compositing soon as any one of the shots are actually finished ! So no ‘leaving it all to myself’ I wouldn’t worry about that. Everyone’s gota focus on getting the animations fully complete, setting up the renders and then more importantly passing it on to the compositors . I’ll see you tmoz ! :]

  2. Dude the bit in Alien when the Xenomorph gets him in the Airvent is scary.

  3. cool nice 1 spencer :) I kinda figured you were doing that but I'm just making sure of every1 else lol