Monday, 7 June 2010

Audio Uploaded

hey guys. i have uploaded what i can of the audio, im really sorry i haven't been able to complete it 100% but the time frames have been far too short for me to be able to get it to a standard i would be happy to show you all. I hope what i have uploaded is enough to work with. I am happy to continue work on it even after your deadline this afternoon but this will be when i get back from cyprus etc.

The file is in a new directory i created called "Sound". its a single wav file that should sync up exactly with the video file you sent me etc.

the Foley audio after the initial shot through the can scene is a bit sparse but i tried to get as much done as i could the past couple of days.

Good luck everyone!


  1. Kai - any chance you can do a version without the audio for us? need this asap as dalli pushed the deadline to tomorrow morning... Please please read this tonight... once we have the one without the music we can cut it a bit better - coz we added a shot i think.... or the timings out somehwere.. and we cant alter it with the beat in the background ...

  2. really am glad i saw this just in time. well need to make sure i trade numbers with EVERYONE in future hehe :)

  3. oh and just encase u missed it on facebook, its uploaded to a drive now :)