Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Are you still interested in doing the sound for us? only the Adrive is down atm so we cannot access it.


  1. Also... saw this...

    Work placements may be available on the new series of "Psychoville", for camera and
    sound trainees, and also with the production team.

    If placements are not available straight away, they will keep your CV for future

    Own transport would be useful as filming is at various locations, mainly within the
    M25 area.
    Travel expenses will be paid.

    If interested please email Pauline, stating whether you're interested in cameras,
    sound or production, and your CV will be forwarded.


  2. hey bro yer im interested, been really busy lately..i have the full version you guys uploaded the other day. im working on it today as i told stu etc. ill get the bulk of it done for tomo evening and send u the wav in full via mega upload or something.

    if you get me the proper fully rendered version over the weekend before sunday, i can do some touch ups to it and email u the finished wav again to affix to the finished video all ready for monday. (i was told monday by stu :) )