Thursday, 3 June 2010

Quick update

Just thought i'd let you guys know im having quite a bit of trouble. most of the work i did for the first half is null and void when the section with the weopon assembly arrives as there seems to be changes not just in timings but also in the speed and velocity of a lot of movements. im not too sure i should do anything until a final rendered version is perhaps ready as the only parts that still work are the parts that were rendered in the animatic version you sent me.

Sorry for the negative news peeps. Let me know of any thoughts and ideas towards this little dilemma as were rather short on time and i dont have much spare time to work on this before monday


  1. Would you be able to send over all the sounds you already on the Adrive, we will also give you the final version of the renders for you to time it up with the renders and also for you to have on your portfolio

  2. my portfolio for uni was handed in last week bro hehe. i been working on it when i have had some free tie but going on holiday on Thursday so have been busy packing and shizz. when is your deadline for it all?

    i managed to get past my troubles with it and just re-did the parts tht weren't working any more. i can send you guys what i have so far as a wav file on to a drive. it Syncs up exactly from the beginning of the last video you guys sent me :)

    i have been wondering where the music is that was meant to fit in the gaps in the opening credits btw? i have left them totally void of sound so i can later slot the music in.

    im fairly near the end of the animation in terms of sound but with work today and work tomo im not sure ill be able to complete the animation in time for Monday as i haven't had the final time line for that long and some of the shots are still incomplete that i have been trying to work with.

    hope its all working out ok for you guys so far. email me if you have any news for me :)

  3. final hand in is Monday at 4pm... so if you could give us everything you got by around mid day monday latest would be sweet....
    Anything you got would be beneficial tbh.
    We can overlay the audio track when get urs in... but I think they are on the adrive. - maybe in lewis' folder (if hes got one)
    Again thanks for the hard work... what you had last time sounded epic as it was :) hope the rest sounds just as good :p

  4. i just hope i dont disappoint guys, it was hella work re adjusting everything so i didnt have much time to finish off the sync elements of the second half of the film. with some of the shots missing i was lost. i have all the room ambience's put in. i think all that's left (for basic spot FX) is the dragging scene when the guy is on the hitmans leg, and some footsteps here and there.

    i wanted to put in a lot more sound design with whooshes and low rumbles to coincide with certain camera pans and changes but im fresh outa time now guys. i really hope i have given you enough to work with for your deadline as i wont be about after tomo evening as i will be doing my last minute rush to make sure everything is sorted before i fly out on thurday.

    if its ok with you guys, when i get back, could i have the final version to work with. i really want to tart it up and show you guys what it would have been like had i had the time? i feel i haven't given enough to the film and i really want to make it sparkle :)